Kyriba Live 2023 Recap: Treasury Excellence in Action  

Kyriba Live 2023

That’s a wrap! Thank you to all of those able to join us at Kyriba Live 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona April 10th – 12th, 2023. The three days of the conference encompassed over 30 CTP credit-eligible sessions, networking opportunities with over 620 attendees, and the chance to visit with conference sponsors on the show floor. Here, we’ll recap the conference events including award winners, key sessions and announcements.  

Kyriba Live Liquidity Excellence Awards 

As part of the Liquidity Excellence Awards, Elire nominated a number of clients and projects. The Liquidity Excellence Awards recognize clients, both at the corporate and individual level, for excellence in Treasury, Finance, and Cash Management. The winners receive recognition amongst peers, as well as a trophy and are featured in a Kyriba press release and social media. Elire is pleased to see that National Veterinary Associate took runner-up in the Treasury Transformation Awards! Congratulations is also in order for Samantha Fischer, Treasury Manager at NVA! Samantha was runner up for the Elevated Visibility Award. Oracle Cerner took home the Industry Recognition Award along with Hunt. Elire is proud to have both NVA and Oracle Cerner as former and current clients.  

Kyriba Platform Updates 

Kyriba continues to invest in the latest technologies, creating space for AI and APIs so that Kyriba can be on the cutting edge of SaaS Treasury platform strategy. Kyriba’s API Strategy is focused on connecting data and treasury processes. In 2023, Kyriba features a new user experience with new and improved dashboards and an updated UI. There are more opportunities for data visualization on a global level, and the renewed focus on Liquidity Planning and Liquidity Analytics is brought to light with this announcement of Kyriba’s expanded data visualization capabilities. 

Final Thoughts 

Elire is proud to have served as a Platinum Sponsor of Kyriba Live 2023, and we were excited to have presented two sessions, “What’s Next? How to Get More Value Out of Your Kyriba Application” with our client Morty Mandel from Bray International, and our booth mini session “Continued Connectivity – Kyriba’s Commitment to Future-Forward Solutions” presented by Nathra Altheeb. Thank you to all of those who stopped by our booth #10 and connected with our experts.  

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the location of Kyriba Live 2024! In the meantime, subscribe to the Elire Treasury Newsletter and visit our Treasury Services Page to stay up to date on all things Treasury and Finance. Follow Elire on LinkedIn and Twitter to get Treasury and Kyriba Live 2024 updates as they’re made available.


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