Kibana Enabled for Treasury Cash Forecasting

PUM 37 enables data visualization for Treasury and Cash Management

Kibana offers many benefits to PeopleSoft customers, and one of the most dynamic, impactful benefits that it has to offer comes with the advancements in analytical tool integration. Previously, PeopleSoft offered Kibana to monitor system metrics and Payables oriented key performance indicators. However, that offering has now expanded with PUM 37 and integration of this analytical tool has growth, breadth, and depth.

Treasurers and Cash Managers are now in a place to actualize many of the benefits data visualization can bring to various Treasury business processes with direct integration with Kibana in PeopleSoft. PUM 37 enables visualizations for Treasury and Cash Management, whereas previously these capabilities were only available in Payables.

What is Kibana?

Kibana is a powerful data visualization and analytical tool that gives users, managers, and leadership the ability to understand PeopleSoft Financial data in a more in-depth, intuitive, and interactive fashion than ever before. Built into PeopleSoft’s architecture, it isn’t just another bolt-on tool; it lives inherently in PeopleSoft pages through tiles and dashboards.

Once fully implemented, accessing this tool is as easy as logging into PeopleSoft and taking a look at the home page. This tool is an incredible advancement for Treasurers and Cash Managers, allowing them to directly access critical transactions statuses, cash positioning information, measure risk levels/thresholds, and ensure key performance indicators for treasury are maintained.

Kibana’s visualization capabilities allow Treasurers and Cash Managers to view daily information in one central location. There’s no longer a need to flip through components and pages to access the cash position worksheet, payment statuses in the Financial Gateway, current debt position maturities, bank reconciliation exceptions, or pending approvals.

How do PUM 37 updates enhance Kibana?

What’s more, with PUM 37 you’ll see updates to dashboards, WorkCenters, and email notifications. You’re now able to send email notifications for transactions using the Fluid Treasury WorkCenter on the Treasury WorkCenter page. By using the Related Actions menu to access the Email Notification page, you can then set up the Email Notification Framework to view the Email Notification page. This allows for the notification of one or more users of an action they need to take for one or more transactions.

The biggest advancement in this realm of Treasury technology with Kibana comes from the integration of data usually utilized in cash position worksheets and forecasts. With Kibana, this information pulls in automatically and new position sources can be created with a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Gone are the days of having to build a new view, create a new position source, and then worry about scheduling a process to run frequently enough to pick up key organizational cash positions. These positions are updated automatically, and if certain balance thresholds are breached, alerts are available on screen to give users the ability to drill in and analyze any particular aberration.

Advancements in Treasury analytical integrations aren’t just limited to the Cash Position Worksheets. Because Kibana is inherent to PeopleSoft, associated transactional information for any data point is linked to the specific transaction in PeopleSoft, no matter the module. This means that it’s possible to find specific transactions and take immediate action right from the Kibana visualizations and Dashboard, regardless of their origin source or formatting.

Kibana is a more intuitive analytical platform that gives Treasurers and Cash Managers, even those with little technical experience, the ability to manipulate visualizations and do more data discovery – all with a smaller learning curve. This also takes the strain off of technical support and query maintenance.

Scheduled queries can become real time through Kibana’s unique ability to drill into data sets. This drill in functionality gives summary visualizations a powerful punch. For example, if a transaction amount limit is reached, the key visualization might display a red icon with the total amount. Then, by drilling in, users could see the transaction information including the origination information, destination information, and current approval status.

This data flows to all visualizations, giving the cash position immediate visibility. It also gives users the ability to actively track and visualize the status of critical funding transfers or payments. With the level of flexibility offered through Kibana in PeopleSoft, the access of information for Treasurers and Cash Managers is at the touch of a finger.

As the speed and ease of access to financial data continues to grow in importance for Treasury, tools like Kibana provide some of the highest marginal benefits to organizations looking to take the next step in analytical evolution. All of this is done without any invasive customization, add-ons, or extensive change management efforts. This focus on user access to data and financial clarity is a game changer for Treasurers and Cash Managers.

With the robust capabilities Kibana has to offer, you’ll want to thoroughly explore how leveraging Kibana can help your organization. Learn more here about Kibana on our website for additional information on Kibana Implementations, Data Foundation Scorecard/Assessments, as well as Analytics Optimization.

In the meantime, check out this short webinar recording for “Kibana and Elasticsearch: Improving Analytics through Data Visualization” where our experts introduce viewers to Kibana and Elasticsearch, and describe how companies can deploy these tools to improve their business operations. View the recording here.


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