Key Insights from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Recap of RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021 conference

Thank you to all of those able to attend RECONNECT Dive Deep October 4th-7th, 2021! Hopefully, all were able to gain valuable insight from this in-depth PeopleSoft conference. Below, we’ll give a recap of RECONNECT Dive Deep and cover a few of the key PeopleSoft announcements of this year’s event.  

PeopleSoft announcements from RECONNECT

During the Dive Deep keynote presentation by Oracle’s Paco Aubrejuan and Rebekah Jackson, Oracle reiterated their commitment to their Rolling 10-year PeopleSoft Support plan, meaning that PeopleSoft customers can expect their on-prem PeopleSoft investment to be supported and maintained through at least 2032.  

Although the adoption of the PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery Model has been around for years, it’s worth mentioning here since it’s important for users to know that this is a huge win in terms of maintenance requirements since selective adoption means that there are no more application upgrades to maintain support. 

With four image releases per year, Oracle has committed to the maintenance of PeopleSoft HCM and ERP to deliver continued feature innovation, customer-requested enhancements, legislative updates, and technical fixes as needed. 

As a part of this continued innovation, new Kibana dashboards are being delivered each image that provide lightning-fast embedded data analytics visualizations. Kibana is a free and open user interface plugin that lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack. For more information on Kibana and its data visualization capabilities, learn more here.  

New PeopleTools releases are set to come out every 18 months to certify new technologies. In these releases, you can expect to see new and important functionality delivered. PeopleTools 8.59 is out now, and it’s important to adopt this new release in order to leverage all the new features and functionality it provides. This latest PeopleTools version is loaded with features that increase the value of your existing PeopleSoft Applications. It goes a long way in reducing the operating costs necessary to run PeopleSoft as well. 

PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager reduces cost and accelerates value with growing customer adoptions. Cloud Manager 12 for PeopleBooks is out now, and users can find more details in the “Image Highlights, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 12” informational video here.  

Innovative new Oracle Cloud technologies, including digital assistants, AL/ML, and others are being increasingly used to deliver valuable PeopleSoft solutions. One of these key technologies highlighted at RECONNECT Dive Deep includes the PICASO Digital Assistant. PICASO is essentially a consolidation of the many PeopleSoft Chatbots into a single PeopleSoft Digital Assistant, meaning users will have one chat interface for all the chatbot functionality. Learn more about PICASO here in our overview.  

New and enhanced tools like the Page & Field Configurator allow for the elimination or isolation of customizations which can help with a move to Cloud when you’re ready to do so. PeopleSoft customers will be excited to know that this can result in reduced costs when it comes time to migrate.  

On the topic of moving to Oracle Cloud, Paco Aubrejuan made sure to close with reassuring PeopleSoft customers that though there have been many organizations that have successful move to Oracle Cloud applications, Oracle believes that customers should be able to make this move when the time makes sense for them. They will continue to invest in PeopleSoft while there are still customers using it so that their move to Cloud goes as smoothly as possible. 

Elire’s presentations at RECONNECT

Beyond these highlights presented by Oracle’s experts, Elire presented six sessions including “Improving Your PUM strategy: Tools & Tips for Minimizing Customization Impacts” where Elire expert Jeff Hilliard provided tools and templates for a consistent and best practice PUM strategy and discussed the movement of customizations using PeopleTools 8.58 technique. 

Elire’s Jen Rudnicki and Jessica Wu presented “Kibana and Elasticsearch: Leveraging These Tools for Success” and highlighted the technical aspects and advantages of Kibana and Elasticsearch. We had Kayla Franklin and Thomas Kwiatkowski discuss “Automating Processes with RPA & Chatbots”, and then for our final session Elire’s Edmund Glasenapp and St. Paul Public Schools’ Jeff Cummings presented a case study of the Saint Paul Public Schools upgrade from 9.1 FSCM/HCM Systems to PeopleSoft 9.2 FSCM (PUM 39) and PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM (PUM 37). 

Thank you again to all of those able to connect with us at RECONNECT Dive deep! We look forward to seeing you in person at BluePrint 4D in Las Vegas come June 2022. Interested in learning more about Elire’s PeopleSoft services? Visit our PeopleSoft Consulting Services page here


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