Infographic: Personalized Flight Path from PeopleSoft to Cloud  

Elire is ready to help you on your PeopleSoft to Cloud Journey! Whether you’re looking to enhance your PeopleSoft system, plan your transition to Cloud, or maximize your Cloud investment, Elire can help. Elire can assist you in building a personalized plan for transitioning from PeopleSoft to Cloud. Check out this Path to Cloud infographic for the next steps on your PeopleSoft to Cloud journey.  

For more information on Elire’s Path to Cloud services, view Elire’s PeopleSoft to Cloud webpage

Elire Personalized Flight Path from PeopleSoft to Cloud
  • Emma Delisi

    Emma Delisi

    Ms. Delisi serves as Elire’s Visual Designer, providing design insight and expertise to help craft the Elire brand. Emma works to deliver engaging graphics, videos and other content to support Elire’s Marketing team.


  • Jordan Hutchcraft

    Ms. Hutchcraft serves as Elire’s Marketing Associate, working to develop and optimize marketing brand assets. Jordan collaborates with the Elire Marketing Team to produce blog and social media content, strategize for social media expansion, and maintain Elire’s internal and external branding.

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