Image Highlights: PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 47 Features Recap 

Image Highlights PeopleSoft HCM 47

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 47 is now available. This update provides new features and enhancements to your PeopleSoft HCM Application, including Person Data Modernization, Fluid Performance Management Enhancements, Direct Reports Fluid Time Pages, and many more features. 

Read on below for more information on the key highlights of PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 47 and watch the HCM Update Image 47 summary overview on YouTube

Person Data Modernization 

PeopleSoft provides administrators managing people and job data with a modern experience by fluidizing personal data. New tiles on the Manage Human Resources dashboard enable you to add a new person or update an existing person’s data record, add persons and their job instances simultaneously, easily assign a job instance or relationship for people that already exist in the system, and manage security access for Persons of Interest without a job record. 

Notification Composer 

PeopleSoft Enterprise components deliver the Notification Composer component, which provides a centralized framework to create and manage all your notifications within PeopleSoft applications. Notification Composer streamlines multiple notification methods and frameworks into a single approach. Notification Composer employs PeopleTools 8.59 push notification framework as part of its framework. PeopleSoft email, text, and in-app notifications are sent through the PeopleTools push notification framework. This allows organizations to configure how messages are sent and whether they’re mandatory. Once you implement Notification Composer, you must use the component to create new notifications and manage your existing ones. 

Fluid Performance Management: Business Objectives 

Managers can now define, manage, and view business objectives for their organizations in a fluid manner. Redesigned pages provide a modern enhanced user experience that’s consistent with Fluid Performance Management functionality. 

Fluid Performance Management Enhancements 

Fluid Performance Management continues to deliver enhancements to support employee performance reviews. The document error section displays errors that the validation check identifies when you complete a step. You can select an error message from the list and address the issue on the page that appears. Another enhancement introduced in this Image is the ability for you to upload file attachments in the define criteria and track progress steps of the review process in addition to the evaluation step. 

Configurable Content Panel for Benefits Enrollment 

PeopleSoft HCM continues to enhance the configuration capabilities for benefits administrators and specialists. You can now configure the display of the contact and resources panel in the benefits enrollment and summary pages. 

Benefits WorkCenter Approval Link 

Benefits administrators and specialists can now easily access their pending approvals through Benefits Work Center. The approval links are available for life events and dependent updates. The links display the count of pending approvals. You can approve or deny a single request or multiple requests at one time or use breadcrumbs to navigate to the details of the document pending approval. 

Direct Reports Fluid Time Pages 

PeopleSoft HCM delivers a new team time Direct Reports tile that allows managers access to all the direct and indirect reports without maintaining separate security. This new tile uses the Direct Reports for Managers framework that is used with the other manager self-service pages. This framework is maintained through a nightly process. 

New Framework for Time and Labor Component Lockdown 

In Image 46, HCM shared components delivered the HCM Lockdown framework. It allows users to create groups, define users, roles, or product keys to lock components for a specified period and display the reason for the lockdown. In Image 47, use the Lockdown Event Definition to specify the Time and Labor components locked down by the prior period or prior and current period. 

Employee Self-Service Forms 1042-S and 1099-R 

U.S. non-resident aliens and payees can now view Form 1042-S and Form 1099-R respectively in Fluid Employee Self-Service. Use the 1042-S consent and 1099-R consent tiles to provide consent to receive the year-end forms electronically only. Use the Form 1042-S and 1099-R Forms tiles to view the forms. 

Canadian Provincial Online Withholding PDF Forms 

In Image 46, Payroll for North America delivered a feature to update federal tax withholding in Fluid Employee Self-Service. Now, with Image 47, Canadian employees can also update their provincial tax withholding information using updatable forms. 

Work Experience Details Available on View/Print Feature 

PeopleSoft introduces a new option that allows recruiters to view or print work experience details in the job application report. Select the “Work Experience with Details” option to view the work description and employer details provided by the applicant from the job application in the application report. 

Tracking User Changes in Page and Field Configurator 

PeopleSoft Enterprise components enhance Page and Field Configurator, enabling you to identify and track changes made by users to specific fields on PeopleSoft components. Select the Change Tracking Configuration type to use the new functionality. Change Tracking is not a replacement for PeopleTools auditing; rather, it’s a more targeted tracking of changes to specific fields. 

For a complete picture of how to use the new features discussed above, view the complete video on PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 47 here. To stay up to date on the HCM Image 47 updates and how they can improve your PeopleSoft environment, subscribe to our PeopleSoft Newsletter


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