Image Highlights: PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 46 Recap

PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Update Image 46 is now available. This update provides valuable enhancements to your PeopleSoft application. Below, dive into an overview of the key updates including highlights such as updates to Business Unit Management for Payables, Payment Metric Analytics, and more.   

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Business Unit Management for Payables 

In Image 46, PeopleSoft renames the GL Business Units tile to Business Unit Management. This feature allows you to copy and create General Ledger and sub-ledger system business units when using the business unit management activity guide. You can also review and modify existing sub-ledger business units. Accounts Payable is added in Image 46 and more applications are scheduled for future Images.  

Payment Metric Analytics 

PeopleSoft Payables adds a new dashboard to visualize your pay cycle payments. The AP payment metrics dashboard allows you to view payments by currency term and various payment methods for your lines of business. Top payment total by payment term identifies the most frequently used payment terms. AP managers can use this information to choose the best combination of payment arrangements to optimize the amount of discounts received. AP Payment Metrics Details provides the summarized detail of the visualizations based on the filters chosen. Use the transaction links to view details about the payment and modify the information as needed.  

Bill Only and Bill and Replace Procurement Flows 

Fluid eProcurement introduces two new requisition types for the healthcare industry. These requisition types are typically used to record header information such as surgery date, physician ID, the items used during surgery, and whether those items should be replaced by the supplier. On the requisition type templates page, you can enable or disable custom fields at the header and line levels. These fields are displayed in drop zone areas of the selected requisition type.  

For example, in the healthcare industry, use these fields to capture associated surgery and item information on the requisition. The bill only and bill and replace requisition types display on these pages. You can search and filter by requisition type on these pages.  

Enter Hours Worked en Masse 

PeopleSoft Maintenance Management now enables technicians to update the number of hours worked for multiple tasks at the same time using a mobile device. Using the my tasks page, select the tasks for time entry then the weekly time entry button. Use the update selected rows button and choose the tasks you worked on. Select the allocate hours button to access the next page. Use the allocate hours window to add hours worked for the selected tasks, select the day of the week, the number of hours to allocate, and the allocation type.  

Attachments for Billing and Receivables 

On the installation options page for Receivables and Billing you can now determine who can delete attachments by selecting the authorized delete attachments checkbox and entering the authorized roles. Whoever originally attached the file can also delete it. Use the supporting documentation page in Billing to add or delete attachments from an invoice.  

Expenses Reimbursement Options 

You can now reimburse employee expense reports through Accounts Payable or Payroll. Configure this at the installation level, the business unit level, and the employee level. Use the installation options expenses page to determine the payment destination at the installation level. This option determines whether all employees for all business units are reimbursed by Payables or Payroll.  

Additional Features 

Additional features include changes to the Supplier Portal which allows you to verify existing suppliers during registration, Payables and eSettlements, changes to Payables in the form of viewing printable invoice in Approvals, and more.  

For a complete picture of how to use the new features discussed above, view the complete video on PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 46 here. To stay up to date on the FSCM Image 46 updates and how they can improve your PeopleSoft environment, subscribe to our PeopleSoft Newsletter.  


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