Image Highlights: PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 37

PeopleSoft FSCM Image 37 Update

Below, you’ll find an overview of the highlights of the many new features in PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 37.

COVID-19 Features for General Ledger and Inventory  General Ledger enhancements include report disaster emergency fund code for GTAS and DATA Act. Inventory enhanced the manual count process by allowing you to select one of the user-defined fields as search criteria when creating an accounting event.  

Kibana Visualizations for Contracts and General Ledger  The Customer Contracts homepage now includes Contract analytics through Kibana visualizations. The General Ledger operational insights dashboard allows you to analyze operational performance.   

Run Control Management  With Image 37, you can now delete Run Control IDs that are no longer used. You can view existing Run Control delete requests, as well as add new requests.

Delegation Framework for Purchasing and Supplier Contract Management  Allows you to choose a proxy who can approve certain transactions on your behalf.  

eProcurement Features  With the new search option on the browse catalogs page, you can search for an item across all categories or a specific category.  

eBill Customer Hierarchy  The fluid eBill Payment Customer Hierarchy allows you to visualize the customer hierarchy chart, analyze current balanced, and view related invoice information.  

Email Notification for Treasury WorkCenter  You can now send email notifications for transactions from the Treasury WorkCenter. You can notify one or more users of an action they need to take for one or more transactions.  

Purchase Order Acknowledgement for Buyer  People Soft Purchasing enhances the purchase order acknowledgment process by adding the purchase order acknowledgment and history tiles to the Purchase Order Acknowledgement page.  

Accounting Tags in Expenses  PeopleSoft Expenses adds the use of accounting tags. Accounting tags are a quick way to populate to correct chart-field segments into an expense report and travel authorization accounting lanes.  

Close Period by Journal Source  Journal source security restricts access to users based on the permission added to the user or role for a specific journal source. This functionality also restricts journal posting during period end, based on the designated posting schedule.  

Project Template Status  You can now activate or deactivate a project template. Use the update project template status pagelet to update the status for multiple project templates as a single action.  

Asset Management Features Asset Management and Maintenance Management enhance physical life tracking for an asset. The Physical Life Information section can track the life expectancy of an asset, and display the estimated date of replacement.  

Additional Features

  • PeopleTools enhancements to the ledger balances analysis account reconciliations and pivot grips
  • The ability to restart BI Publisher process
  • Adherence to legislative changes to India GST for 2020 in billing, receivables, and payables

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