Image Highlights: PeopleSoft FSCM Image 42

FSCM Image 42 updates and enhancements to Real-Time Indexing, Digital Assistants, General Ledger and Asset Management functions, and more

PeopleSoft FSCM Image 42

PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Image 42 is now available for application. Below is an overview of key updates including Project Costing Fluid WorkCenters, additional Kibana Dashboards, Notification enhancements, and more. 

FSCM Image 42 updates and enhancements to Real-Time Indexing, Digital Assistants, General Ledger and Asset Management functions, and more

Real-Time Indexing  

PeopleSoft Update Image 41 was the first Image where six search definitions were certified by PeopleSoft FSCM applications for real-time indexing (RTI). These search definitions require a minimum of PeopleTools 8.59.03 and can be enabled without additional application uptake.  

PeopleSoft FSCM Image 42 delivers projects for six FSCM certified search definitions for RTI. Five require PeopleTools 8.59.04 and one requires 8.59.06. You can enable these search definitions without needing additional projects from applications.  

Digital Assistants 

PeopleSoft e-Settlements introduces the e-Settlement skill for the supplier digital assistant by utilizing PeopleSoft intelligent chatbot assistant from Oracle, also known as PICASO. The supplier digital assistant identifies who is signed in and presents a short message. Select the right arrow to access the invoice and payment assistant. The e-Settlement skill allows you to inquire about invoices, payments, and disputes.  

PeopleSoft enhances the supplier secure portal home page by implementing the supplier secure digital assistant. Use the supplier secure digital assistant to make inquiries on purchase order acknowledgements, overdue shipments, and rejected receipts. In addition, you can also find information related to calendar events, announcements, and contact details.  

The supplier secured digital assistant has two skills: collaboration assistant and general assistant. Suppliers can use the general assistant to inquire about calendar events, company announcements, and contact details.  

General Ledger  

General Ledger features include open period management, approve statistical journals, inter-unit attachments, and multiple journals attachments. PeopleSoft provides a new and efficient way to close and open accounting periods using a hierarchical view of your organization’s entities and general ledger business units.  

PeopleSoft General Ledger now allows you to approve statistical journals using fluid approvals. The journal entry page displays the statistical amount and the statistics code for the approver. 

View attachments for non-anchor business units using the journal inquiry page. Enter the non-anchor business unit in the search criteria. If attachments are present, access them using the view attachment icon. 

Use the upload journal attachments page to attach one or more documents to one or more journals at the same time. Select the journals that you want to attach a document to using the select check box and then select the attach files to multiple links.  

Enhance Fluid Payment Request 

PeopleSoft enhances the fluid payment request center to support Accounts Payable users with a reviewer role so they can take full advantage of the fluid interface. Use the payment request review center page to review payment requests, filter payment requests by date and status or by alternative filters, and answer questions. 

Project Costing Fluid WorkCenter 

PeopleSoft Project Costing adds the fluid projects WorkCenter enabling users to update project information in mass across the organization, or by exception. The My Work pagelet provides actionable exceptions to update missing or invalid project managers, project user fields, project type, and location information. Project Administrators can use the Project’s Update Wizard to update project information across the organization saving time and reducing errors.  

Integrate Work Orders  

Maintenance Management allows technicians to order parts by creating a requisition if that part is not available in inventory. This feature allows a requisition and a work order to be linked together so that when the part is received from a supplier, the technician is notified that their part is ready to be picked up. While creating requisitions in fluidity procurement you can associate a work order with the requisition using the peg work order option on the schedule detail page.  

Apply Multiple Payments in Payment Predictor  

PeopleSoft Receivables adds the Multiple payments (“MULPAY”) algorithm to the REFS algorithm group for payment predictor. The MULPAY algorithm allows payment predictor to apply multiple payments to a single item in a single run. Using the MULPAY algorithm, if the first payment amount is less than the item balance amount, payment predictor selects and applies the next payment. 

Copy and Adjust Validation  

PeopleSoft Billing allows you to validate some data from an original bill or a bill template before using the copy or adjust feature. This new feature is available on the copy single bill define copy, group detail, adjust entire bill, and adjust selected bill lines pages. 

Manage Obsolete Suppliers and Bidders  

PeopleSoft enhances the ability of supplier administrators to review and withdraw supplier and bidder registrations, and supplier change requests that are no longer valid. Use the manage obsolete request page to search for existing registrations or supplier change requests.  

Load Multiple Attachments 

PeopleTools 8.59 provides functionality to add multiple attachments. PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing leverages this functionality by enhancing the sourcing events creation process. Event creators can save time by selecting multiple attachments and uploading at one time.  

Enhance Item Inquiry 

PeopleSoft enhances the item inquiry feature to view stock in mobile inventory across all set ids and inventory business units. You can view available item stock across business units for different set IDs. 

Add Date Criteria to Capitalize Cost Process 

PeopleSoft Project Costing enhances the express capitalization process to support projects with longer build schedules by including date parameters on the run control page. You can identify specific date ranges allowing project administrators to differentiate cost for capitalization based on when the cost was incurred.  

Asset Management 

Asset Management features include preventive maintenance schedule basis date calculation and enhance quick work order asset search. PeopleSoft Maintenance Management enhances preventive maintenance scheduling to allow direct entry of the due date for the first work order.  

PeopleSoft Maintenance Management enhances asset search within the quick work order feature. This enhancement enables you to search across all asset management business units and various dimensions such as asset status and asset ID.  

Additional Features 

Additional features and enhancements added for FSCM update Image 42 include PeopleTools 8.59 enhancements to forms and approval builder for reporting functionality, the notification framework for global setting options to notification administration, and the digital assistant for being compliant with rest service operations standards.  

These are just some of the key features and functionality included in Image 42. To learn more, subscribe to our monthly PeopleSoft Newsletter here and view the entire FSCM Image 42 recap video here

Explore Elire’s PeopleSoft Services Page for even more information on Continuous Delivery and PUM Image Application and Review.  


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