FYI — U.K. Value-Added Tax Compliance in PeopleSoft

Addressing changes to the UK value-added tax system

For the United Kingdom, the Making Tax digital feature was delivered with enhancement 28950367, and included in PeopleSoft 9.2 Image 31. With this delivery, some setups are needed for the Making U.K. Tax digital feature. You’ll need to add a new VAT Report process to the VAT Report Details section on the VAT Entity: Process Type Application Engine, Process Name FS_UKVATDIG. Process transactions run VAT Transaction Loader and VAT Extract processes as usual, then on the VAT Report page, where you would usually print the U.K. VAT Return report, do the following: 

  • If the Country is GBR, then the U.K. Digital VAT Return check box will show up on the page, and the Map ID field will be visible on the run control page. Customer must select VAT_RETURN_UK as Map ID, and then they can select the appropriate Report Instance and run it. 

**Note: PeopleSoft only produces the electronic file, but the customer needs to make sure that they can TRANSMIT the file to the U.K. tax authorities. 

For more information on how to address the changes to the U.K. VAT, visit the doc 2744167.1 “How To Handle VAT Calculation Changes for UK After Brexit” here and login to My Oracle Support.  

For assistance with the Making U.K Tax Digital feature, contact [email protected]. Visit Elire’s PeopleSoft Services Page for information on all things PeopleSoft including upgrades, managed services, optimization services and more!


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