FSCM Image 36 Recap

Updates and enhancements to COVID-19 monitoring, Expenses, Enterprise Components, Contract features, and more. 

Highlighting PeopleSoft FSCM Image 36 update & benefits

Consider these highlights featured as part of PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 36.

COVID-19 Feature–Suspend Overdue Charges

In Image 36, Receivables enhances the Credit Collections feature to allow you to suspend overview charges. 

COVID-19 Feature–Approval Priority on PO Header

PeopleSoft Purchasing allows you to prioritize requisitions and purchase orders based on urgency. Priorities are high, medium, and low. 

Early Detection and Monitoring

FSCM delivers new Kibana dashboards that provide improved analytics and visualizations that work with Elasticsearch. The Early Detection and Monitoring dashboard provides visibility into the liability exposure in PeopleSoft Accounts Payable within a day’s processing and content. *Note Kibana capabilities are only available for users on People Tools 8.58.

Enterprise Components Features

PeopleSoft FSCM Image 36 adds three new features to enterprise components. With Acknowledgment Framework you can now create configurable acknowledgments and agreements across FSCM products. The Activity Guide is a PeopleTools feature that allows you to define guided procedures for a user or group of users to complete. The Questionnaire framework provides a guided process to design and create questionnaires or surveys that can be used in activity guides. 

FSCM Update of PeopleTools 8.57 Features: Drop Zones and Grids

Dropzones enable you to add editable or display only transaction fields to existing PeopleSoft fluid pages. For fluid grids, use the download to excel all button to load grid data to an excel spreadsheet. 

Enhance Billing Specialist Page

Enhancements to the Billing and Specialist Page Includes a user ID selection and the user’s email address. This allows you to customize invoice forms with the name and contact information of your billing specialist. 


Enhances to the Expenses features include Copy Expense Report in fluid and Expenses Inquiry Chatbot. This allows you to log the same expense on a regular basis. 

Contracts Features

PeopleSoft enhances the Customer Contracts page to provide contract administrators a comprehensive view of their contracts. Based on your search criteria, a list of contacts are displayed. 

Fluid Approval for Imported Asset Data

Asset Management delivers fluid approvals for asset data spreadsheet import using the enterprise component fluid approvals framework. 

Enhance Year End Close Process

The process to close parameters for the Year-End Closing Group now supports Close/Undo by Book Code.

Streamline Procurement Card

Purchasing enhances Procurement Card functionalities to improve processing and maintenance. This provides an efficient way to update procurement card expiration dates in mass, saving administrators time. 

Reprint Putaway Plan

PeopleSoft inventory enhances the Reprint/Putaway plan functionality enabling you to reprint putaway plan reports within the specified time period. 

Process Contract Billing–New Date Options

Master Contract number and LOC document ID criteria is added to the process contract billing run control page. When processing amount-based billing, you can use the system’s current date or specify a particular date. 

Enhanced Work Order Search

Maintenance management enhances Work Order. Maintenance Management Search is now part of the global search lineup. Keyword search is available when accessing the Work Order and Work Order completion pages. 

Additional Features

Additional features include:

  • Load bulk data into Voucher Staging tables
  • Payment formats for U.S. Federal Government PAM Specifications
  • Supply Chain Management and Supplier Relationship Management utilizing the notification framework 

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