Exploring Oracle Cloud HCM Dynamic Skills

Oracle Cloud HCM Dynamic Skills Overview

Unlocking the Power of Oracle Dynamic Skills 

Oracle Dynamic Skills represents a noteworthy evolution in talent management, employing a sophisticated deep learning engine to discover, manage, and cultivate the skills essential for a robust talent supply chain. Focused on three critical aspects – understanding employee skills, connecting individuals with relevant skills, and supporting career development – Oracle Dynamic Skills utilizes an AI (artificial intelligence) driven skills engine to keep organizational skills up to date.  

Unlocking the potential of Skills, Oracle offers AI-powered recommendations to connect candidates and employees with personalized skill suggestions. This fosters personal and career development, while Skills Discovery enables employees to explore and acquire new skills. Skills-driven talent management enhances recruiting, career development, and learning processes, creating a platform that adapts and responds to the Dynamic Skills landscape. The system includes a personalized portal for managing skills, skills crowdsourcing for peer endorsements, and skills analysis to identify gaps and initiate reskilling activities. For a more detailed breakdown of Cloud HCM Dynamic Skills, check out Oracle’s Dynamic Skills Overview.  

Navigating Cloud HCM Dynamic Skills 

The fundamental components of Oracle Dynamic Skills – Skills Nexus, Skills Advisor, and Skills Center – work seamlessly to streamline the capture, recommendation, and management of skills.  

Skills Nexus  

At the core of organizational knowledge, Skills Nexus simplifies the capture and management of skills, creating a tailored inventory used for skills recommendations in various HCM processes. It combines a deep learning engine with a Global Skills Model, offering a curated skills inventory tailored to each business.  

Skills Advisor  

Leveraging the customer-individualized skills inventory, Skills Advisor intelligently recommends skills to enrich people, job, and resource data across HCM applications. This ensures consistent and relevant skill recommendations, adjusting based on existing skills in user profiles.  

Skills Center 

Serving as a centralized workspace, Skills Center allows individuals to explore, review, and manage personalized AI-driven skill recommendations. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for contextual matching, Skills Center becomes a hub for seamless alignment of people, jobs, and resources.  

To dive deeper into Oracle Cloud HCM Dynamic Skills and its capabilities, you can take the Dynamic Skills Tour now. 

Addressing Challenges: Requirements for Cloud HCM Dynamic Skills 

Oracle Dynamic Skills is now accessible to all users of Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources at no extra charge. In the past, this was a standalone product that incurred additional costs. Oracle remains committed to enhancing all aspects of people data management, placing special emphasis on the strategic management of skills, demonstrating a continued investment in this crucial area.  

Effective utilization of Dynamic Skills requires organizations to meet specific criteria, excluding certain pods or environments. Ineligible environments include government pods, European Union Restricted Access (EURA) pods, or Dedicated Region Cloud Customer (DRCC) environments. Organizations in the healthcare sector are also ineligible.  

What’s Next 

Oracle Dynamic Skills offers a continuously updated database of evolving skills, effectively connecting people to opportunities. Covering various features in product categories such as Recruiting, Profile Management, Opportunity Marketplace, Career Development, and Learning – Dynamic Skills stands as a powerful tool for fueling your organization’s talent supply chain and fostering employee growth.  

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