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Elire Treasury Experience 2022!

sept 28th - 29th | Virtual

What is ete 2022?

Join Elire and Industry Experts for two days of FREE virtual learning! This year’s conference is offering many different sessions across three main topic pillars – Industry Insights, Forecasting, and Payments. Topics include addressing Risk Management/Fraud, the future of instant payments, trends and tools for the Hybrid Treasurer, and more. Select sessions from the conference will be eligible for CTP credit as well. More information including a full session agenda will be released soon – reserve your complimentary spot today!

Sept 28th - Day 1

10:00 AM CT

*Keynote: Does the Treasury Department Look Different as We Continue Living with COVID?

COVID continues to impact our lives, and our working practices are no different. Has the traditional treasury department changed how it operates and where staff are based as we live with COVID? In this session, we will analyze the results of our inaugural Elire Treasury Survey to determine the impact COVID has had on working practices and skills today’s treasury team needs.

Attendees will learn how the treasury department maintained remote work, what skills treasury staff now need, and if the technology infrastructure needed by the treasury team changed or changing in the COVID environment.

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways:

  1. How is your treasury team differing from your peers?
  2. Have technology projects/upgrades become a higher priority?
  3. Have the skills needed by treasury staff changed?


Presenters: Carlos Conde, Treasury Center of Excellence Lead at Elire Inc. & Colin McAlpine, Treasury Practitioner

*Approved for up to 1.2 CTP recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

11:00 AM CT

A Brand-New World of Remote Work: “The Big Resignation” vs. “The Big Reshuffle” in Corporate Treasury 

Working remotely, working from home, or back to the office? Over the past 3 years we have seen a seismic shift in working patterns. Is this a permanent change, temporary or a mixture? Dynamic, volatile, mega-inflation all make Treasurers lives interesting and challenging. But does this mean that long overdue pay rises are the current norm and what happens next?  

10 years ago, you had a personal reputation that was carefully crafted and took years of hard work and dedication to build. Now your personal brand can be built and ruined in five minutes. What do treasury professionals need to do to prepare themselves? 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways: 

  1. Tips and tricks to both maintain and motivate their current teams and how to use these to attract the next member of their Treasury department 
  2. A better understanding of current salaries and compensation and how to better balance the demand for pay rises versus softer benefits 
  3. How to protect their personal brands in these challenging times 


Presenter: Mike Richards, CEO & Founder at Treasury Recruitment Company

1:00 PM CT

*Cash Forecasting Finesse – Strategies and Best Practices to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Maximize the Tools You Have 

Today’s economic and financial environment introduces risks requiring proactive planning and financial management. Cash Forecasting as a tool is critical to financial liquidity management and analysis for the best use of an organization’s resources. This session discusses the strategies and best practices for maximizing your Cash Forecasting tools and how to avoid related common pitfalls. This session will cover the power of Cash Forecasting, strategies for effective Cash Forecasting, best practices to avoid common pitfalls, as well as how to maximize your available tools for proactive analysis and best use of organizational liquidity management. 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways: 

  1. Improved Cash Forecasting analysis 
  2. Strategies for effective Cash Forecasting 
  3. Best practices for proactive, not reactive, Cash Forecasting and liquidity management
Presenters: Dara Thome, Sr. Consultant II at Elire Inc. & Sudeep Sharma, Treasury Advisory Practice Lead at Elire Inc.


*Approved for up to 1.2 CTP recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

2:00 PM CT

*The Risks Associated with Payments: Awareness and Risk Mitigation

Managing payment risk has always been important, but now more than ever it is the process around it has become complex; and exposure is heightened due to the rapid pace of globalization. With increased use of technology, new risks are constantly emerging. Fraudsters are active trying to find ways to penetrate at a point in transaction process to commit fraud. 

To prevent losses and negative impacts to their bottom line, a company needs to put preventive measures in place to mitigate different types of risks (fraud, operating & Settlement-related) throughout the payment process (initiation, execution, and settlement). 

In this session, we’ll discuss the factors that expose payments to risks, different types of risks associated with payments, risk assessment process for payments, and how to take action to manage payment risks. 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways: 

  1. Companies are exposed to risks around payments and exposure has continued to increase due to complexity and sophistications driven by technology and globalization. Exposed risks may potentially cause financial losses and reputation issues if not addressed properly and timely     
  2. Managing payment risk is more important than ever. A good understanding of the drivers and the types of risks associated with payments for a business is critical in setting up the guidelines to manage them 
  3. Companies must implement preventive measures to address different types of risks (fraud, operating & Settlement) to prevent losses throughout the payment process (initiation, execution, and settlement) 

Presenter: Sudeep Sharma, Treasury Advisory Practice Lead at Elire Inc.

*Approved for up to 1.2 CTP recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

3:00 PM CT

FIS/Oracle ERP API Integration for Payments

As one of the available options, businesses often use treasury infrastructure and bank connectivity to blind route payment files generated in ERP. These payment files involve different payment methods such as checks, ach and wires generated primarily by Accounts Payable team. The benefit is twofold: efficiency in the file transmission process where the business uses a single system infrastructure to connect and communicate with various banks, while saving money by not having to maintain separate connectivity and communication channels with banks for payments processed by Treasury and Accounts Payable teams. 

ERP integration needed for payment processing typically requires expensive customized interface design and build. The process often involves in-house expertise to deliver requirements. In-house infrastructure requires ongoing burden of IT support and maintenance. Maintenance of hard-coded payment format logic is required and there is limited visibility of payment status in ERP. 

As an Integration-as-a-Service solution tool, FIS ERP Connector can simplify integration approach for a Treasurer. This FIS technology includes APIs and machine learning for rapid deployment with minimal IT effort. The integration to ERP is secure and monitored and supported by FIS delivering real-time notification of interface errors and reporting full payment status to ERP. Attendee’s will explore:

• Integration challenges with ERP  

• Reasons for FIS ERP Connector being integration solution with ERP  

• Security and timeliness of ERP Integration  

• Workflow and reporting related to payments generated in ERP  

• Flexibility and adaptability of FIS ERP Connector to meet a business’ specific needs 

Top 3 Attendee Take Aways: 

  1. FIS ERP Connector’s Payment module securely connects your FIS Treasury, Risk and Payment Suite to one or many ERP AP subledgers to facilitate invoice settlement. The module is designed to provide an intuitive workflow for both ERP users and payment hub users 
  2. For payments that are executed successfully, status updates are sent back to the ERP to complete the settlement process. Where payments are rejected by the banking network, status reports provide AP analysts with reasons for failure to facilitate a resend process within the ERP 
  3. FIS ERP Connector can be a fully integrated ERP payment solution leveraging the bank connectivity established within a business’ treasury or payments solution for routing outbound ERP AP payments maintaining a single channel to connect and communicate with various banks for efficiency and saving 


Presenters: Lance Gartner, Senior Business Solution Consultant at FIS & Sudeep Sharma, Treasury Advisory Practice Lead at Elire Inc.

sept 29th - Day 2

10:00 AM CT

*Payments Fireside Chat: Changing Payments Landscape in the United States 

As check issuance continues to decline in the United States, and opportunities to make faster payments both domestically and globally increase, it is not just banks that are available to help corporates make payments cheaper and more efficient. This session will help attendees to understand what drove the increase in payment Fintechs in Europe, what is Open Banking, the background of how Currency Cloud changed the back-office landscape of bank, and what is the future/opportunities for corporates making cross border and domestic payments electronically. 

Top 3 attendee Takeaways:  

  1. Understand that there are alternatives to transitioning from checks to bank led electronic transactions  
  2. Technology underpinning global payments has changed  
  3. Understanding what Open Banking is and what it means for US companies 
Presenters:  Brian Blihovde, Senior Director Product Marketing at Kyriba & Rishi Munjal, Vice President Product Strategy, Payments at Kyriba & Carlos Conde, Treasury Center of Excellence Lead at Elire Inc.


*Approved for up to 1.2 CTP recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

11:00 AM CT

Unlocking Data Analytics Potential for the Modern Treasurer

Treasurers are unlocking the power of data to make better business decisions. When dealing with larger, more complex data sets from new data sources (“big data”), oftentimes the challenge of navigating and analyzing these data sets leads to the underutilization of key insights. Data Visualization gives the ability to absorb information quickly, improve insights and make faster decisions. The importance of data visualization for the modern treasurer cannot be overlooked. This session will provide an overview of data visualization in today’s market, including an overview of two primary data visualization tools (Power BI and Tableau), as well as an overview of data processing and analytics with Alteryx. 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways: 

  1. What is data visualization
  2. Industry leading tools for data visualization
  3. How to start with data visualization 


Presenters: Jesse Taylor, Data and Analytics Focus Area Lead & Alvaro Sanson, PeopleSoft Treasury Practice Lead at Elire Inc.

*Approved for up to 1.2 CTP recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

1:00 PM CT

The Role of AI in Treasury: Present and Beyond – High Radius Partner Session 

The evolution of technology plays a pivotal role in creating a continuously changing digital world—be it in the consumer space with self-driving cars or in the corporate space with distributed ledgers and artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud technologies, and big data are the buzzwords treasurers keep hearing about, but are often misunderstood. How can treasurers understand the true potential of these technologies and apply them to their own environments? How should treasurers prepare for a future that is, in many ways, already here? 

Join Valerio Trinchi as he dispels myths surrounding AI and discusses real-life scenarios of how technology can transform treasury departments into more proactive and strategic partners to the business. 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways: 

  1. Learn how treasurers can ‘do more with less’ with best-of-breed technologies like AI
  2. Leveraging AI-powered cash forecasts to make confident investment/borrowing decisions
  3. Learn about the strategic growth of treasury by virtue of modern technology and where it is headed in the future


Presenter: Valerio Trinchi, AVP Growth Initiatives at HighRadius

2:00 PM CT

Transform Finance with Unified Liquidity Integrations with ERPs, Banks and Finance Systems – Kyriba Partner Session

Access to information, whether foreign currency exposures, liabilities, sales, or assets is more challenging and more important than ever. Pricing, rates and uncertainty are creating challenges for CFOs and finance leadership making strategy take a back seat to reactive uncertainty. Finance can drive better support for operational business units and increased capabilities in the form of decision-making and giving the CEO insights to make better decisions. Learn how technology gives finance better cash flow forecasting and integration with API integrations and connective capabilities that feed forecasting and liquidity transformation 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways: 

  1. What are new capabilities in finance liquidity management and integrating with ERPs and other systems, both internal and external
  2. How they’re being applied to finance organizations in the form of better, faster access to data
  3. Future of connections and integrative layers for CFO decision-making 


Presenter: Brian Blihovde, Senior Director Product Marketing at Kyriba

3:00 PM CT

Connectivity as a Service: Leveraging The Elire BankBridge™ Payment Hub

In today’s marketplace, most payment hubs are embedded within corporate ERP solutions which are transitioning to cloud software as a service (SaaS). In this transition to cloud, treasury functions like payment hubs are no longer the primary focus of cloud ERP solutions. This provides an opportunity to move payment processing to an independent solution that provided real-time internet-based communication with banks and other financial institutions and includes industry-standard security protocols. Elire’s BankBridge Payment hub solution offers this as a connectivity service without the timeline and complexity of implementing a full 3rd party treasury workstation solution. In this session, attendees will learn: 

Top 3 Attendee Takeaways 

  1. An in-depth understanding of the true complexity of bank integration, including bank-specific formatting requirements, payment transmission methods, and encryption security requirements.  

  2. Value of having a single integration point to a payment hub, which allows for the outsourcing of bank integration complexities, freeing up staff hours for more value-add work  

  3. Rapid implementation capabilities allow for users to quickly add and change new bank relationships and scale up to include all integrations. This allows you to add all required bank relationships, not just your most active, getting you to 100% automation  

Presenter: Mike Graham, Success Hub Practice Lead at Elire Inc.

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Elire Speakers

Elire Inc.
carlos conde

Carlos Conde

Treasury Center of Excellence Lead

Mr. Conde serves as Elire’s Treasury Center of Excellence Lead overseeing Elire’s SaaS Treasury, ERP Treasury, and Treasury Advisory Services Practices. Mr. Conde has 25+ years of diverse Treasury Implementation and Advisory Services expertise and is recognized as a Trusted Advisor and Thought leader in the Treasury Space. 

Elire Inc.
Sudeep Sharma Headshot

Sudeep Sharma

Treasury Advisory Lead

Mr. Sharma serves as Elire’s Treasury Advisory Services Practice Lead and has 25 years of expertise as a Treasury, Finance, and Technology advisor and implementation consultant.

Elire Inc.
dara thome

Dara Thome

Senior Consultant

Dara is a Kyriba Certified consultant with implementation expertise in Kyriba system Core/Cash modules. As a Consultant, Dara has led projects to success. As a Global Treasury Professional for 15 years, Dara held management and supporting roles in Global Cash Management, Risk Management, Payments and Banking.  

Elire Inc.
Alvaro Sanson Headshot

Alvaro Sansón

PeopleSoft Treasury Practice Lead  

Mr. Sansón is an Elire Partner leading Treasury Implementations and Optimizations for Elire’s valued clients. Alvaro has 25+ years of Treasury expertise and is recognized as a Trusted Advisor for Treasury in the Healthcare, Education, and Public sectors.


Elire Inc.
Mike Graham Headshot

Mike Graham

Success Hub Practice Lead  

Mr. Graham serves as Elire’s Success Hub Practice Lead, delivering and managing the creation of Elire’s proprietary tools and custom applications to drive organizational success for our clients. Mike has 25+ years of corporate finance and ERP system expertise including Oracle EBS, Cloud, and various TMS systems. 

Elire Inc.
Jesse taylor Headshot

Jesse Taylor

Data and Analytics Focus Area Lead

Jesse Taylor is a Managing Consultant and Data Analytics Focus Lead in Elire’s Management Advisory Services Practice. With years of experience in data integration and software, Taylor has led teams to deliver high visibility projects with the use of Kibana.

Guest Speakers

Treasury recruitment co.
mike richards headshot

Mike Richards

CEO & Founder

Mike Richards is the CEO & Founder of the Treasury Recruitment Company. Established in 2002, The Treasury Recruitment Company are the only truly Global Treasury Recruitment firm in the world. They recruit at all levels within Corporate Treasury from Treasury Analyst to Treasury Director for multinational corporates, consultancies and a range of financial institutions. 

Their company website is 

brian blihovde headshot

Brian Blihovde

Senior Director Product Marketing 

As Kyriba’s Senior Director Product Marketing, Brian is an experienced advisor on Treasury Management Systems sales and marketing, innovation and the evolution of corporate treasury through the application of leading practice process and system design. Brian has led numerous global implementations and process transformation projects involving the design, development, configuration and integration of ERP and cloud-based treasury systems for global, MNC clients. 

Their company website is

Photo Unavailable

Rishi Munjal

Vice President Product Strategy

Their company website is

High Radius
Valerio Trinchi Headshot

Valerio Trinchi

AVP Growth Initiatives, Treasury

Valerio is a professional with 20+ years of experience in treasury, finance, and capital markets in the US and overseas. As a practitioner, he covered the spectrum of hands-on treasury activities, and as a consultant, he was instrumental in building a successful treasury technology practice, building a deep knowledge of treasury automation and the landscape at large. 

He is now leveraging all his previous experiences at HighRadius, applying new technologies to automate treasury processes and create the platform of the future. 

Their company website is

lance Gartner headshot

Lance Gartner

Senior Business Solution Consultant, FIS

Lance Gartner is a Senior Business Solution Consultant with FIS SaaS Treasury. Lance has over 8 years of experience in the Corporate Treasury and Payments space where he recently managed an operational Treasury team for a fortune 500 energy company and was also responsible for implementing a new TMS.

Prior to moving to the Treasury Technology industry, Lance started his career with Deloitte working globally for 6+ years in the accounting and capital markets consulting practices. He is based in Denver, Colorado.

Their company website is

Colin McAlapine Headshot

Colin McAlpine

Treasury Practitioner

Mr. McAlpine has more than 30 years of global banking, treasury and finance experience – both as a Practitioner and Engagement Manager leading large teams of implementation consultants.

Why Attend?

no. 1

Stay in the Know Industry experts will provide overviews of trends and key factors that are evolving the modern treasury function and how they may affect your organization

no. 2

View Treasury and Finance Product Information ETE includes demos and presentations from many trusted technology providers in the market, giving you the time to connect with these vendors and learn more about their solutions to your business needs in a casual environment

no. 3

Gain Actionable Insights Access survey data and industry KPIs to help build a business case for Treasury transformation or technology enhancements for your organization

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