Enabling and Using Autocomplete to optimize processes

Oracle’s Autocomplete tool can help organizations optimize various processes by defaulting and validating data.

This session will discuss:

  • How to enable the Autocomplete tool in an environment 
  • The different types of Autocomplete rule types available 
  • Example use cases and rules 
  • Oracle resources 
  • Demo
  • Karen Long | Cloud HCM Senior Consultant

    Karen Long | Cloud HCM Senior Consultant

    Karen Long serves as a Senior Consultant for Elire, specializing in Oracle HCM reports and analytics. Karen works with clients to provide guidance on reporting strategy, training in reporting tools, and high-quality reports that provide valuable insight about the data within Oracle HCM Cloud modules.


  • Elire Inc.

    Established in 2005, Elire’s seventeen years of experience is focused on five main product areas: Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, Treasury, Advisory Services, and Managed Services. Our mission: to be your Trusted Advisor. We fulfill this promise by efficiently implementing, integrating, upgrading, and optimizing your software investments and business processes.

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