Case Study: AP Automation Success

Elire Case Study_AP Automation Success

Thank you for your interest in, AP Automation: Case Study. This Case Study focuses on the international implementation of the AP Automation Solution from Canon Information & Imaging Systems. This study walks through the implementation including challenges, lessons learned, and automation success and extendability of the tool.

For more information on our AP Automation services, visit our Advisory Services page.

AP Automation Case Study


  • Jordyn Fugere-Burmeister

    Ms. Fugere-Burmeister serves as Elire’s Director of Marketing, overseeing Elire’s Brand Strategy, RFPs, and Conferences. As a strategic Marketing leader, Ms. Fugere-Burmeister brings 8 years of experience in the Oracle Sector, with her team print and digital content developing to support all phases of the Oracle and Elire customer journey.

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