eBook — Promoting Productivity with PeopleSoft PICASO Chatbot

PeopleSoft PICASO chatbot and its benefits for PeopleSoft users

PICASO, the new PeopleSoft Digital Assistant, combines all PeopleSoft chatbots for one chat interface. Now, PeopleSoft users can turn to PICASO to get immediate answers to questions and receive guidance to complete tasks. Meet changing communication needs, enhance the employee experience, and improve the productivity of your Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Finance processes with PICASO.


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  • Summer Ericson

    Summer Ericson

    Ms. Ericson served as Elire’s Marketing Associate, supporting Elire’s digital marketing efforts. Summer collaborated with the Elire Marketing Team to develop engaging and educational content that delivers value to the lifecycle of Elire partners and their applications.


  • Emma Delisi

    Ms. Delisi serves as Elire's Graphic Designer, providing design insight and expertise to help craft the Elire brand. Emma works to deliver engaging graphics, videos and other content to support Elire’s Marketing team.

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