Case Study: Public Utilities

A case study of PeopleSoft 9.2 and Oracle Cloud EPM Co-Existence success with Elire and a Public Utility.

Public Utilities Case Study

  • Jason McCabe

    Jason McCabe

    Jason McCabe is the Oracle Cloud ERP Practice lead for Elire and is responsible for managing all clients using Oracle Cloud ERP Applications. Jason and his team deliver ERP solutions for clients looking to strategically align business strategy and organizational objectives through cloud-based application implementations.

  • Jeff Hilliard

    Jeff Hilliard

    Jeff Hilliard serves as Elire’s On-Premise Center of Excellence Lead. Jeff has over 20 years of experience overseeing and conducting complex PeopleSoft technical upgrades. Additionally, Jeff oversaw and managed the Utility Corporation’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade.


  • Jordan Hutchcraft

    Ms. Hutchcraft serves as Elire’s Marketing Associate, working to develop and optimize marketing brand assets. Jordan collaborates with the Elire Marketing Team to produce blog and social media content, strategize for social media expansion, and maintain Elire’s internal and external branding.

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