BluePrint 4D Key Takeaways for PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud 

BluePrint 4D Key Takeaways

Team Elire just returned from a fantastic week at Quest Oracle Community BluePrint 4D in Las Vegas!  

BluePrint 4D 2022 took place June 6th through the 9th in Las Vegas. The event was offered both in-person and virtually, adapting to a new hybrid work model that many professionals experience in today’s age. BluePrint 4D offered over 250 practical learning sessions this year, Q&A sessions, Round Tables and Panel Discussions, and much more! Roughly 500 people attended BluePrint 4D in person this year. The event offered many ways to connect and network with other IT professionals, including Coffee and Connect sessions, Speed Networking, and an Executive Forum. Team Elire enjoyed a wonderful educational environment where they could share ideas with other IT innovators and connect with partners and clients in person.

Key announcements for PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft content was strong at BluePrint 4D, especially with leadership addresses from Paco Aubrejan (Oracle), and Rebekah Jackson (Oracle). PeopleSoft investment remains a priority for Oracle with supported extended through 2033 with no end in sight. Key announcements included the replacement of UPK which will no longer be supported at the end of 2022. It will be replaced with Oracle Guided Learning, however, the transition is not a 1:1 conversion. Users are recommended to spend time preparing their content for a more modern take on how you’d have an application user learn with the new platform.  

Another key announcement is the release of PeopleTools 8.60 in mid-late Fall 2022. Enhancements with PeopleTools 8.60 include heavy investment in search as well as resolution for UI issues for a unified user experience. User experience changes to be expected include an always available Global search and quick access bar, contextual menus, the possibility of adding and assembling a theme, and branded variables.  

The future of search also means that Elasticsearch 7.10 and Kibana 7.10 will be last versions delivered by Oracle PeopleSoft. Future releases based on Oracle OpenSearch and Oracle OpenSearch Dashboards and likely delivered in PeopleTools patches. With this transition, the recommendation is to continue to move forward with the adoption of Global Search, Keyword Search, and Kibana Analytics, which will all be supported by Oracle until the migration.  

Additional information on upcoming PeopleSoft plan releases and enhancements can be found on the PeopleSoft Blog Channel, Podcast services, and planned features and enhancements page on MyOracle Support.  

Key Oracle Cloud Announcements and Takeaways

While PeopleSoft content was strong, there were announcements for Oracle Cloud as well. As of now there are over 300 customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with 1000+ customers predicted to be on it in the next 3-4 years. Oracle has also now become the #1 SaaS Cloud provider, surpassing both SAP and Workday. 

Leadership reiterated the modern benefits of moving to a Cloud solution, including the ability to do continuous planning, as well as predict, detect, and act on new situations by automating previously monotonous, manual work. The benefits of Oracle Cloud remain clear – allowing for continuous adoption of new features with quarterly and annual updates, the opportunity for digital transformation, a modern user experience, decustomization, and cloud infrastructure capabilities. Specific to the infrastructure is Oracle’s hallmark data security and disaster recovery capabilities.  

Another hot cloud topic is the continued discussion around Autonomous Data. In one of the keynotes, Oracle’s Converge Database 19c was discussed and highlighted as a multi-model, multi-workload data platform. Converge database enables data innovation instead of just data integration by allowing you to choose where to run your workloads with the oracle databased. This offers flexibility with a combination of public and private cloud environments, while also maintaining consistency with shared management, development models, security, and data integrations. Oracle’s autonomous database allows your team to spend less time on maintenance, and automate workload management across all components. 

Elire’s Presence at the Event

Elire Presents PeopleSoft Cash Management Product Overview & DEMO:  

Elire Partner, Alvaro Sanso, and Elire Consultant, Kendal Lindstrom, led seminar attendees through PeopleSoft Cash Management strategies and how organizations can introduce greater efficiency, transparency, automation, and control to cash management systems. Sanso and Lindstrom then led a short demo and open discussion on the best practices for the product, and how to optimize usage.  

Elire Presents Enhancing Financial Clarity and Liquidity Management with PeopleSoft Cash Management: 

Elire Partner, Alvaro Sanso, and Elire Consultant, Kendal Linstrom, also led session members in a discussion on Treasury planning and implementing Cash Management systems. Sanso and Lindstrom touched on three aspects of cash management that enhance Treasury control. The first increases cash positioning and liquidity transparency online. The second provides a central payment hub to automate and increase security. The third, and final concept, provides a central payment hub that is incorporated into a Cash Position and Forecast.  

Elire Presents PeopleSoft Expenses: New Features & Functionality for Expense Excellence:  

Elire PeopleSoft Solution Architect, Devin Tobin, led a session on new PeopleSoft Expense features. Tobin covered mobile expenses, delivered functionality, mobile approvals, and notifications and approvals via email. The lecture explored and demonstrated Time saving functionalities and My Wallet functions for better attendee understanding. This seminar assisted professionals looking to gain further understanding of current Expenses systems.  

Elire & ALSAC Present St. Jude Hospital’s Transformation in Project Costing through Cloud Project Financial Management:  

Elire’s Chau Mai-Paradee and ALSAC’s Daniel Anglin, presented Oracle Project Financial Management as a key resource for big picture planning and project tracking. This solution offers business executives, project managers, and project team members ways to better utilize their time and achieve full financial control. This lecture explained how enterprise software can make use of financial data inside project financial management systems to streamline processes.  

Elire Presents Doing More With Less – Leveraging AI and Design Studio: 

Elire Consultants, Joey Farah and Kenny Cranford, presented Oracle Digital Assistant as an AI service that offers skills to create conversational opportunities for business practices, including communication through chat, text, and voice interfaces. Farah and Cranford discussed ways Oracle can be personalized to optimize Talent Management and Recruiting Implementation. 

Elire Presents Understanding the Oracle User Interface: Evaluating Responsive Pages: 

Elire Consultant, Karen Long, explored the new Oracle Cloud User Interface and the challenges it presents. Long dives into the developing changes across modules and the difficulty divisional employees face when utilizing them. In the seminar, Elire shared tips for better understanding Cloud UI and employing responsive pages advantageously.  

Where to Get More Information: 

For more information on how Elire can assist you, please visit the PeopleSoft and Cloud Services pages on the Elire Website. For continuous updates, subscribe to the Elire Newsletters for more on PeopleSoft, Cloud Services, and how Elire is continuing to innovate and meet consumers’ needs.  


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