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By leveraging the capabilities of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, organizations in all industries can increase organizational efficiency and realize the benefits of digital assistant technologies. You’ve likely interacted with digital assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana before. Oracle goes one step further and offers digital assistant technology to businesses by leveraging AI to assist with tasks like providing a link to customer contact centers to manage incoming communication, manage internal expenses, or onboarding new employees. 

We’ve previously discussed the basics of using AI and Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) in Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) in this blog post, but below, we’ll dive into additional use cases where implementing AI and digital assistant tools would make sense for an organization.  

External Customer Interfacing 

Digital assistants can be used to direct customer concerns and persons outside of your internal organization to solutions. For example, in IT operations, digital assistants are oftentimes used to enhance the service management experience by automating straightforward employee services, delivering them to customers, and making them accessible to more people. They can take stock of an issue and transfer users as needed to expert staff. In this way, the digital assistant can seamlessly manage transitions between chatbots, live agents, and back again, eliminating the need for an intermediary support person.  

With an intelligent digital assistant, common customer tasks such as resetting passwords, system status updates, outage alerts, and troubleshooting can be easily automated and made available as an option for around-the-clock support. This can dramatically scale up the ability to provide customer support, decreasing wait times and providing an overall better customer experience.  


The ability to hire the best talent both quickly and efficiently is a main driver in leveraging digital assistants for hiring. Since we have already talked about Oracle Digital Assistant uses within ORC, we won’t do a deep dive here into all features of ODA for ORC, but rather give a brief overview of the uses organizations could use ODA for.  

By enabling ODA for your career site, candidates can have a smoother experience searching and applying for positions. It can also be used to improve engagement and efficiency in the talent acquisition sphere, as well as with onboarding new hires. By automating these routine tasks and regular interactions with candidates, organizations can see valuable employee hours freed up for more strategic tasks. 


Within Oracle Cloud applications, ODA can be used by employees to ask questions, pull information, and seek tips all while using natural language conversation. More specifically, one feature that Oracle has to offer is an Expenses-specific digital assistant within Cloud.  

The Expense Digital Assistant lets users create an expense, submit it for manager approval, modify expenses, and check the status of expense reports. For instance, an example of how the Expense Assistant might be used is by a user asking the digital assistant to “show me how to upload a receipt,” or type in “ask a question” and the digital assistant would then respond accordingly with either additional probing questions as needed, or directly answer the specific question you asked. This provides users with an alternative learning path that is quick and effortless way to communicate answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to using the Expenses Digital Assistant.  

You can also access a list of tips as well as best practices about using Expenses Digital Assistant by making a statement such as “see tips about expenses” and the Expenses Digital Assistant will display a list of tips, each with a drop-down menu such as “meal receipts,” “summitting corporate card expenses,” “adding tips to taxi receipts,” and “uploading receipts.”

Another key use of the Oracle Expenses Digital Assistant offers is the ability to capture the number of attendees when meals and/or entertainment expenses exceed the designated limits as set forth by company policy. This allows auditors to view the cost per attendee when auditing the expense, increasing your ability to monitor expenses and protect your organization’s bottom line. In this sense, the Expenses Digital Assistant has the ability to save your company money by reducing expense process errors that would typically require manual intervention and additional reviewing.  

With the Expense Assistant, Oracle users that fully utilize this tool will see business process improvements to reviewing key expense report details, and increased team compliance with your organization’s expense reporting policies and procedures. 

The capabilities and uses of AI and in particular digital assistants for business is robust and continues to grow. The leading analyst firm Gartner believes that by 2022, 70 percent of white-collar workers will have daily interactions with conversational platforms. This shift towards modernizing and digitizing routine tasks and increasing efficiency for both internal and externally-facing tasks is already an important focus that companies looking towards their future have embraced.  

Reducing expense errors, providing a streamlined candidate-to-hire process, and improving the customer experience are just some of the key uses companies have found for AI and digital assistants.  

As the uses for AI and Digital Assistants expands, Elire is here to help you navigate using and optimizing these tools. For more information on Elire’s Cloud Consulting Services, visit our page here to learn more, or reach out to [email protected] to set up a time to discuss your current and future needs.


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