5 Frequently Asked Questions: PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

What is OCI?
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution able to bridge the gap between PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud. Since its debut to the market in 2016 under the name Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, and has since rebranded to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2018 and was dubbed Oracle’s “Generation 2 Cloud” at the 2018 Oracle OpenWorld conference.

What are the benefits of moving to OCI?
Moving your on-premise PeopleSoft investment to OCI functionality is easy and cost-effective due to its exclusive, built-in automation migration. These migrations include popular enterprise applications and database workloads, as well as custom and independent software vendor (ISV) applications. OCI makes it easy for customers to migrate Oracle as well as non-Oracle workloads running on other vendors’ platforms to OCI.

Is OCI secure?
Security in OCI is a priority. With industry-leading security and “no trust” default settings, organizations needing to pay particular attention to security such as package delivery companies, banks, pharmacies, and cybersecurity companies.

How successful is OCI?
With over 200+ customers running PeopleSoft deployments on OCI, plenty of clients have already experienced the cost savings and modernization afforded by moving PeopleSoft to OCI. The Q2 2020 IDC CloudPath survey shows Oracle scored the highest for satisfaction of all the IaaS vendors. Although perhaps not the most well-known solution, OCI has a track record for successful utilizations.

What if I need more from OCI?
OCI offers cost-effective scalability options. OCI has the ability to scale up and down, providing as much (or as little) computing power and storage as customers require. Clients can add virtual servers on-demand to support innovative new applications, processes, or data capabilities, or scale back so that clients don’t need to pay for more power than they need, reducing operation costs.

Interested in diving deeper into OCI? View our recent webinar on moving your PeopleSoft environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure here.


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