4 Tips for Effective Project Status Meetings

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Project status meetings are an important part of managing and tracking project objectives. They are designed to review and update the core team on all project-related items, ensure the project’s life cycle is on track, and guarantee deliverables are completed within the project scope defined by the charter. In order to hold effective project status meetings, the following tips should be considered:

1. Hold Project Progress Meetings at Predetermined Intervals:
For internal meetings, this allows team members to come to the table prepared and gives them an opportunity to work proactively. This is especially important for project status meetings with clients as well. Meeting on predetermined dates allows project schedules to monitored and controlled, while still developing each phase of the project.

2. Agenda Setting – Build a structured agenda AND send it out in advance:
For quality assurance, an effective status meeting agenda might include:

  • Budget
  • Resources
  • Timeline
  • Scope
  • RAID Log (Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions)

3. Maintain Meeting Facilitation:

  • Keep the meeting running smoothly and flowing with the predetermined agenda. To effectively manage plans, any topics that need to be discussed that were not on the agenda should be tabled until all agenda items have been covered
  • If team members will be asked to provide updates on their tasks, ensure they are notified in advance so they have adequate time to prepare and concisely relay project progress

4. Keep Detailed Meeting Minutes:

  • Keep track of a parking lot for anything that was off the agenda
  • Make sure the RAID log is updated with any new information discussed during the meeting
  • Assign a member of the project team who is not facilitating the meeting to take note of key updates, action items, and takeaways for the group
  • Email the Meeting Minutes to all status meeting attendees following the meeting so that those who missed the meetings can read the minutes, and so that everyone is aware of the action items

As an essential part of facilitating project processes, the project status meeting is a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. In our Elire Learning Lab webinar recording for “Project Management Success – Tools and Templates to Drive Performance”, learn more about project status meetings and other tips and tools for effective project planning. View the recording here and below.


Webinar Recording: Project Management Success


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