Taking Accounts Payable to the Future: 5 Pillars of Automation

To celebrate Elire’s receipt of Canon’s 2018 Partner of the Year, we will share with you the story of our first implementation of the Canon AP Automation Solution. We will share our methodology, along with the delivered PeopleSoft technology we implemented in conjunction to automate, streamline and align key areas within Accounts Payable and Supply Chain to bring our client’s invoice and payment processing into the future.

By leveraging the AP & Supply Chain modules of PeopleSoft Financials along with Canon’s AP Automation Solution, we designed a software and process solution to improve accuracy, compliance, on-time payments and user experience. We will share how implementing the following ‘Pillars of Accounts Payable Automation’ can take your AP department to the future:

– Canon’s AP Automation Solution: the only Optical Character Recognition(OCR) solution validated by Oracle for delivered integration to PeopleSoft, utilizing the Open Imaging Integration webservices. This solution allows you to seamlessly intake, extract data and build vouchers, drastically reducing human data entry, errors and time spent managing attachments.

– Payment Request for ad hoc payments and approval

– Procurement Card module for efficiently loading, coding and approving credit card purchases

– Automated Workflow Engine (AWE) for defining workflow – save time, money and guarantee compliance

– Purchase Orders for automating more invoices, minimizing approval and improving supplier management

This webinar will:

– Outline the technologies: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Payment Request, Procurement Card, Automated Workflow Engine (AWE) & Purchase Orders

– Share the methodology used to tailor these technologies to our client and how it can be done for your organization/situation

– Share the benefits and real ROI your organization can experience, backed by a real success story