PeopleSoft Test Framework: More than a Testing Tool

Many organizations leverage PTF for testing automation, but did you know that it can also assist in other areas of your PeopleSoft system and can even be utilized by members of your functional team?
Data entry/conversion of data can be easily done with PTF. PTF allows you to load and stage thousands of data points and enter that data into your Peoplesoft system. No more need for Excel to CI to load data! Want to test different size screens and check that the appropriate objects appear and function correctly? PTF can now test the responsiveness and form factor of your new Fluid pages. Do you have to manually inspect and configure newly stood up environments? With PTF you can “spider” snap configuration from one application and perform those config steps in a new one, or just validate everything is configured correctly across multiple applications. 
Join Elire’s resident PTF expert, Valentin Todorow, to hear the many ways that your organization can leverage the PeopleSoft Test Framework.