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PeopleSoft Procure-to-Pay Optimization 

Kamehameha Schools (KS) is a private school system in Hawaii focused on building the educational propensity of the next generation of Hawaiians. KS is focused on cultural heritage education to enhance local knowledge of their ancestors. KS is known for their world-class schools and education, enabling students to dive deep into their heritage as well as give back to their local community. 


Scope of the Project

The Elire team leveraged our Application Optimization Methodology to conduct a PeopleSoft Procure-to -Pay optimization assessment for KS. The team began with current state mapping of Procure-to-Pay, including Purchasing, Contacts, Accounts Payable (AP), Vendor Management, and Supplier Portal modules to determine key disconnects and opportunities in each module.  

The team identified specific PeopleSoft features which were underutilized or not yet adopted from future PUMs that would be high value wins. Elire completed demos of additional modules that KS had yet to implement, including Strategic Sourcing and e-Settlements. Furthermore, the team conducted a process maturity assessment to holistically benchmark each process across several process enablers. Over the course of the 8-week strategic optimization engagement, the Elire team spent time understanding the client pain points, opportunities, and priorities.

The Challenge

The KS team had strong technical skills but struggled with getting end users to efficiently adopt and use new features. While pain points were well known, the client had not attempted changes to the underlying module configurations. With a short project deadline and an array of deliverables that needed to be accomplished, it was imperative that Elire maintained open communication to mitigate any challenges. There is a lot of potential at KS for improvement, so it was essential for Elire to prioritize what makes business sense to implement in the near term and make critical decisions on how to prioritize other improvements for their longer-term vision.

Success Delivered

Elire successfully developed a PeopleSoft Procure-to-Pay Optimization Assessment which included pain point identification and solutioning, process maturity assessment, and project planning.  Elire is set to deliver a multifaceted roadmap of improvement projects that would benefit KS. 

Through the accelerated project, the team presented a deliverable highlighting short-term key wins. Several of these wins included digitalization of forms, updating configuration, and data cleanses to ensure data integrity. Elire created scope and cost estimates for larger improvements such as implementing new modules, using advanced reporting and tiles, and optimizing the procure to pay end-to-end business process. The final recommendations were presented in March 2022, and the Elire team remains engaged at KS to deliver on the presented solutions.

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