Elire Treasury Experience 2021


Your Trusted Advisor, Elire Inc., is excited to announce the second annual virtual Elire Treasury Experience. This two-day digital event will include educational sessions, product demos, and customer panels for the modern Treasury and Finance Professional.

#ETE2021 Sessions will cover trending topics including Libor to Sofr Conversion, Data Analytics, Payments Transformation, Risk Management, Moving to a SaaS TMS, and demos from Industry Leaders Kyriba and FIS Global.


October 13-14, 2021

Virtual Via Zoom


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Featured Partner: Kyriba

Kyriba is the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, delivering mission-critical capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital solutions.

More than 2,000 clients worldwide rely on Kyriba to get 100% cash visibility, better manage FX losses, reduce fraud and make better, faster decisions through improved insight and intelligence.

Kyriba Services

Featured Partner: FIS Global

FIS stays ahead of how the world is evolving to power businesses, across merchants, banking and capital markets, to outpace today’s fast-changing competitive landscape and help our clients run, grow and achieve more for their business.

Project Management Services

Gain Tools & Templates to Support a variety of on-going and upcoming projects within your organization.

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10 AM – 10:55 AM CT – Keynote

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11 AM – 11:55 AM CT – Data Analytics: The Treasury Informational Frontier

Data analytics should be at the forefront of Treasurers’ and Cash Managers’ organizational wish list. Fraud detection and monitoring, real-time payment settlement tracking, advanced liquidity management dashboards, exception alerts, and global access to instantaneous cash balances are crucial areas in which to leverage data. This session details the important role analytics play in Treasury’s informationally driven age, and how to find what strategy is best for you. 

**Approved for up to 1 CTP recertification credit by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

1 PM – 1:55 PM CT – Building a Smart, Secure Payment Hub: Digitizing Your Payments Workflow

Join payments experts from Elire and Kyriba to see how a payments hub increases automation, mitigates fraud, and cut costs, by: 

  • Standardizing/strengthening payments workflows and controls 
  • Streamlining bank connectivity, cutting IT cost to support by 90%+ 
  • Unveiling complete payments visibility for timing, transactions, and status 
  • Giving remote teams security to work safely 

2 PM – 2:55 PM CT – Risk Management: What Your Company is Facing and How to Minimize Business Impact

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced treasury teams to reevaluate all the risks they face. Now, risk management is at the center of most treasury operations. In this session, we’ll discuss how risk can be considered under four categories: Liquidity, Pricing, Credit, and Operating. We’ll answer questions like:

  • How do you identify potential risks?
  • How do you minimize those risks?
  • What risks do Treasurers generally not consider?

**Approved for up to 1 CTP recertification credit by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

3 PM – 3:55 PM CT – Libor to Soft Conversion: Is Your Organization Prepared?

The financial industry has planned to phase out LIBOR reference rate starting January 1, 2022. In the US, the Secured Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR) has been determined to replace LIBOR. In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of LIBOR phase-out timeline and its replacement with SOFR, LIBOR’s uses by Treasury, specific instruments, and areas potentially exposed to risk.  

**Approved for up to 1 CTP recertification credit by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.



10 AM – 10:55 AM CT – Payments Transformation: Keys to Unlocking New Payment Technologies

New payment technologies are appearing on the horizon almost daily. In this session, attendees will be able to prioritize what is truly beneficial in the current payment technology landscape and recognize what is merely just hype, discover what technology are they may be missing for payments that puts them at a disadvantage vs. competitors, and understand the typical implementation project timeline, costs, and ROI that comes with promoting changes within your organization. 

**Approved for up to 1 CTP recertification credit by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

11 AM – 11:55 AM CT – Vendor Session: Seeing is Believing: FIS Global Payment Hub Demonstration

The centralization payments processing has long been a costly, complex, and resource-intensive effort. Additionally, treasurers with many international banking partners struggle to establish standardized, simple, and secure connectivity channels. The good news is that treasury solutions provided by fintech providers have expanded and can help treasurers centralize their payments helping them reduce costs, reduce fraud risk, and increase cash visibility. Attend this session to see a live demonstration of the newly released FIS Global Payment Hub and learn how treasurers can simplify and strengthen their global payments processes.

1 PM – 1:55 PM CT – Moving to a Cloud-Based TMS: Paving the Path to a Successful TMS

Cloud-based Treasury Management Systems are leading the charge in standardizing and modernizing treasury organizations, while also enhancing day-to-day operations. In this session, attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the benefits a Cloud-Based TMS solution has over On-Prem, understand how a Cloud TMS Application Roadmap can assist your organization to strategically prepare for the shift into a cloud-based solution, and receive tangible tips and direction as to what next steps your organization needs to take to begin the move to cloud. 

2 PM – 2:55 PM CT – Kyriba Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Demo and Discussion: A Streamlined Supply Chain Finance Solution

To gain access to “captive” capital for investing in new market growth opportunities, companies can employ Supply Chain Finance (SCF), which gives suppliers the flexibility to “sell” approved invoices to financial institutions. 

This session will explore the value of SCF in both the system capabilities and the financial institution partnerships that Kyriba builds through a module-based approach. This begins with “Cash Visualization” and builds through a customized payments feed, expansive fraud detection, complete connectivity, and a streamlined Supply Chain Finance (SCF) operation. 

3 PM – 3:55 PM CT – In-House Banking and Managing Organizational Financial Structures

As organizations grow in both size and complexity, so do their structures and banking needs. One of the best ways that organizations can benefit from their scale and return greater marginal productivity while diminishing the cost associated with financial intermediaries is to develop an in-house banking structure.  In this session, we’ll dive into the capabilities of leveraging in-house banking as a dynamic tool that organizations can use to reduce cost, improve efficiencies, and cover the details of In-house Banking and related process efficiencies to show why it’s something to be considered for those looking for greater information access.  

**Approved for up to 1 CTP recertification credit by the Association for Financial Professionals at the rate of one credit for each 50 minutes of attendance.

About Elire

  • Elire is the industry leader in ERP Treasury workstation installations
  • 250+ Treasury workstation implementations since our founding in 2005
  • Elire consultants experience based on more than 20 years of finance and treasury experience
  • Elire Partners maintain a direct relationship with many Treasury Platform Developers to be consistently aware of the most recent information regarding TMS new releases and product roadmaps for On-Premise and Cloud Applications
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Event Info


October 13-14, 2021


Virtual via Zoom


10 AM – 4 PM CT

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