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Elire has been providing niche expertise in the corporate treasury space for the last 10+ years, helping our clients find and implement the best solutions. To effectively deliver on this objective we have partnered with Kyriba, enabling our consultants to leverage their deep knowledge of corporate treasury with a best of breed TMS.

Our consulting team is comprised of seasoned banking and corporate treasury experts who average 20 years of industry experience and have extensive system and project lifestyle knowledge. With 200+ treasury projects and TMS implementations across various industries, we have both the breadth and depth of experience to tailor our implementations to the client’s needs. Our goal with every client is to become a trusted advisor so that we can completely and transparently deliver success.

Elire chose to partner with Kyriba because of the application’s ability to serve client needs of today, while positioning them to easily adapt to their long-term needs. The modular sales approach Kyriba offers allows Elire to work with our clients to optimize their TMS investment and asses the value of the functionality offered. Through Elire’s time tested, best practice methodology and the capabilities of the Kyriba system we are able to offer our clients an unparalleled treasury system.

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