Training & Change Enablement Services

Ensure your Technology investments achieve the desired result through Elire’s Training & Change Enablement Services.


Elire understands that complex projects (whether they include significant technology changes and/or extensive process re-design) impacting large numbers of stakeholders require expertise to ensure the organization is ready to accept the change associated with the rollout.

Most companies have experience some sort of failure, at some time, when trying to rollout a new system or process. Often, the root cause of failure involves there being a greater emphasis on building the solution while ignoring the preparation necessary to help the organization to accept the change. The best designed technology solution or the best designed process is not enough to ensure you successfully achieve your desired future state. The organization must be enabled to accept the change in order for the project to be a success.

Service Offerings

  • Enablement Programs and Change Acceleration – Elire has a series of tools to help your organization more quickly adapt to change.

    • Training – Elire has a training framework to help educate your end users on new technology, processes, or change outside of your IT system. Custom training and development materials can be created with guidance from Subject Matter Experts using different training modalities, such as train the trainer, self-paced e-learning, job aids and webinars. Elire develops training according to the 5 Moments of Need as we believe training is not a once and done activity.  The 5 Moments of Need include (1) building awareness of upcoming changes through the use of short videos and communications; (2) delivering in depth training so people can learn the new functionality; (3) providing job aids so that as people actually use the system (or maybe perform a transaction they have not done in several months) then they have a quick reference guide to help them get through it; (4) engaging help desks so that users and help desks are prepared when things go wrong; (5) finally, ensuring that as new features, functions, bug fixes are rolled out, that the information can be sent to all impacted parties.

    • Communication and User Adoption  – Elire engages users early and often through communication, facilitated sessions, surveys, as well as appropriate training to help ensure users adopt not only the new system but also the process changes being implemented at the same time. As part of the Project Lifecycle, Elire uses a comprehensive change management approach to help ensure User Adoption, which includes Training, Communications, engaging Super Users (Change Champions), and assessing the Help Desk and Support Strategy.