Elire Success DeliveredTM Strategic Roadmap 

What will it take for your business to arrive at its desired future state? Let Elire's knowledgeable consultants put you on the path to success with our Business Process Improvement services.

Success Delivered™ Strategic Roadmap Services

Is your business struggling with a major decision?
Imperfect information can prevent organizations from making a decision about the correct course of action. Even when a course is selected, the lack of stakeholder buy-in or a strong business case can create barriers to execution. All of this can cause organizations to be trapped within the current state and unable to achieve their desired future state.

Business Process Improvement



Follow Elire’s Success Delivered™ Strategic Roadmap Methodology in order to:

  • Release the paralyzing fear and anxiety of making the wrong decision, especially when budget dollars are tight
  • Develop the materials and produce the data necessary to win internal support for the project
  • Avoid jumping immediately to solutioning and project work without understanding true project impact, benefits, technology, etc.
  • Move forward with confidence by leveraging our proven methodology
  • Save time, money and resources by putting in the effort upfront to avoid project rework

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Process Tools Training

Not all problems are the same so the solution should be flexible. It can be difficult and unwise to fit a rigid process improvement methodology into a project that addresses a particular business problem. That is why the Elire’s approach to process training is to provide a 5-phase framework that is tool focused.


Process Tools Training


The 4 day classroom session is organized within a flexible framework. Within each phase of the framework, participants will learn about the tool and will participate in various exercises in which the tool is applied. Elire can tailor training exercises to the real world problems that your company is facing today. Given the nature of the problem and its associated project, the participant will learn to apply all the tools or just a subset, as needed.

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End to End Process Redesign

Elire can help your organization move beyond one off process improvement efforts that only address a portion of the overall problem. With a complete end to end redesign, Elire can help your organization asses the current state, review leading practices, develop a vision/strategy, complete a detailed design of the future state and implement a solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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