Project Management Services

Leverage Elire’s proven Project Managers to deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Elire’s Project Managers strive to introduce a standardized and consistent framework into Client projects. Our Project Managers provide a robust set of industry-leading project tools and templates to help align project delivery outcomes across all areas, achieving greater project success

Leverage an Elire Project Manager to:

  • Increase the likelihood a project will be successful and produce the desired outcome
  • Decrease risk by avoiding scope creep, missed timelines, and/or budget issues
  • Establish governance and reporting structure
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Service Offerings

  • Project Management Guidance – Elire assists clients on smaller projects that may need additional guidance throughout the project life cycle
  • Part-time Project Management Support – Elire works side-by-side with clients to co-manage project activities including processes, procedures, documentation, and other tasks or deliverables
  • Full-time Project Management Support – Elire assumes responsibility for project management and directs all PMO activities