Outsourcing & Vendor Management

If you are considering a new outsourcing opportunity or require assistance improving an existing relationship, then Elire’s Outsourcing & Vendor Management framework is here to help.

For either new or existing relationships, Elire’s Outsourcing and Vendor Management Framework offers all of the pieces you need to complete the puzzle. Elire’s framework can help guide you through the entire Outsourcing and Vendor Management Lifecycle or help at points along the way. Our framework is flexible enough to allow you to choose the services you need.


Outsourcing Vendor Management Lifecycle

Requirements and Vendor Selection

During Requirements to Selection, you want to identify a partner that will work with you not to only achieve operational savings but also add value through innovation.


It is important to document all the rights and protections you need while Contracting rather than only focusing on the scope of work and price.

Vendor Governance

Vendor Governance is an often overlooked key to the success of a relationship and retaining the value of the business case.

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