Kibana Analytics Services

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Kibana is a cloud-based tool that provides data visualization capabilities and can ingest data from multiple applications allowing users to build reports and dashboards. It functions as an opensource data visualization plugin for Elastisearch where users can create bar, line, scatter, or pie graphs, as well as maps on top of large volumes of data. Kibana is on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. It utilizes built-in reporting capabilities that enable you to generate reports on multiple file formats with a click of a button.

With the release of PeopleTools 8.58, PeopleSoft now has fully integrated Kibana dashboards for all transactional data including the ability to enable familiar drill down tiles for in-depth data exploration.

Kibana Analytics and Elasticsearch are easy to deploy and enable your organization to:

  • Have scalable processing
  • Index and store searchable data files
  • Aggregate and centralize large amounts of data
  • Gain quick access to near-live data
  • Leverage the Kibana training library for new ideas about how to display data in a visual way​

Service Offerings

  • Data Foundation Scorecard/Assessment – Ensures your organization has everything they need to implement Kibana along with a high-level business case
  • Kibana Implementation – Manages setup and configuration of Kibana for your PeopleSoft system
  • Analytics Optimization – Enhances your total current reporting capabilities including PeopleSoft info tiles, Elastic DPK, etc. with customized dashboards. This includes assessing which tools should be used to report which data