Business Process Improvement Services

Elire’s Business Process Improvement Services offer flexible solutions to address your company’s process inefficiencies and business goals.


Elire’s Business Process Improvement Services aim to align your stakeholders, technology, and processes for an efficient workplace. Not all problems are the same, so the solution should be flexible. It can be difficult and unwise to fit a rigid process improvement methodology into a project that addresses a particular business problem. 

  • Are you taking full advantage of the functionality in your existing IT solutions?
  • Have your current business processes grown organically over time and do they follow leading industry practices?
  • Are your business operations changing or getting more complicated at a pace you can no longer keep up with?
  • Have shifting strategic priorities led to a mis-alignment or organizational policies and procedures?
  • Do your employees have the right skills to perform within the process design?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” your organization may be in need of a Business Process Improvement initiative. Elire’s Strategic Advisory Services Practice offer a variety of targeted projects to address your process inefficiencies. 

Service Offerings

  • Process Tools Training – Elire’s 5-phrase framework is customized to your business problem, and centered around a proven business process improvement toolkit. Within each phase of the framework, participants will learn about the tool and will participate in various exercises in which the tool is applied. Elire can tailor training exercises to the real world problems that your company is facing today. Given the nature of the problem and its associated project, the participant will learn to apply all the tools or just a subset, as needed.


  • End-to-End Business Process Redesign – Elire’s 7-phase End-to-End Process Redesign framework will engage your subject matter experts along with Elire’s process, functional, and technical experts to review and improve outdated, undocumented, inefficient, and painful business processes. The team will collaborate to develop industry leading solutions, and ensure that your team, technology, and processes are in alignment.