AP Automation Services

Reduce Manual Error and Increase Efficiency with AP Automation.

Elire’s Strategic Advisory Services AP Process Redesign methodology empowers your organization to define requirements for the end-to-end invoice management process, including invoice intake, coding, workflow approval, voucher creation, reporting and dashboards. By leveraging AP Automation software, the Elire team can develop a standardized process across the organization, for exceptional efficiency gains, fast processing, and improved collaboration

Are you:

  • Spending too much time entering data and not enough time analyzing it
  • Lacking visibility in the end-to-end process from receiving to paying invoices
  • Incurring late fees or missing out on early pay because you don’t process and/or approve invoices fast enough
  • Operating with separate, unintegrated systems for imaging of invoices

Automation can help you achieve significant benefits:

  • Improves Accuracy
    • Without Automation, 10% of invoices processed have errors
    • Each error costs on average $53.50 to rectify
    • With Automation, 37% less errors in invoices
  • Provides Control and Transparency
    • Reduces manual steps and risk for fraudulent activity
    • Provides an end to end audit trail and enforces control policies
    • Improves fraud detection from business rules and artificial intelligence
  • Resource Utilization
    • Invoice processing by 1 AP Resource per Year  goes from:
      • Before 10,000 invoices/year
      • After 27,700 Invoices/year

Service Offerings

Elire can work with you to deploy an AP Automation Solution that:

  • Extracts information from invoices directly into voucher
  • Validates values of key invoice data elements against ERP
    Master Data, including access to Supplier & Purchase Order information in the ERP system
  • Attaches and manage document images to ERP transaction screens