PeopleSoft Test Framework Services

Automate your PeopleSoft Testing with the PTF Experts

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a testing automation tool included in your PeopleSoft License from PeopleTools 8.51 onward. This testing tool functions around pages/run-controls/queries/grids and scrolls built for PeopleSoft. No other tool can do what PTF can.

PTF includes Fluid Specific testing with responsive screen simulations and will test fluid pages/tiles/then switch to classic to handle the jump between components and navigation methods. PTF is integrated with App Designer, and is capable of running compare reports strategic to quick and easy PUM implementations. It is also integrated with Data Mover so you can quickly stage data or export logs for archiving. PTF is capable of executing commands, feeding data from excel, loading data live from the system, and hooks into Process Scheduler, Message Catalogs, Data Mover, and PS Query.

Why use PTF?

  • Reduce regression time and number of resources required to support Testing efforts 
  • Increase your scope of testing – with manual testing a resource could simulate a dozen or so positive and a few negative tests. With PTF a user can simulate thousands of tests for each component allowing greater coverage
  • Critical testing across all environments for every testing phase – PTF can jump from TST env to another without any new configuration or Script migration. 
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy of application testing – Reports both local and on PSFT Pivot Grids/ queries.
  • Manage test assets easily – PTF Tests/Cases are App Designer objects that can be placed in projects for migration. Change Impact with Test Maintenance Reports and Test Coverage Reports
  • Stage Testing data –  via Excel, via queries, or Elire built Random generators
  • Leverage for many testing objectives – including Upgrades, PUM Application Updates, CPUs, Tax Updates, customizations, bolt-ons or interfaces.
  • PTF can also be leveraged for Conversion efforts and Security testing, including Payroll Parallel Compare Testing.
  • PTF does not care if a page is vanilla or fully custom, as long as it’s built-in app designer it will be able to record those pages and automate the testing process.

Service Offerings

Initial Service Offerings:

  • PTF Standard – Jump Start of PTF tool and recording within your environment. Assist with the development of complex scripts via guided workshops focused on knowledge transfers. Development of PTF Strategy based on Elire methodology and recording/execution methods.
  • PTF Advanced – Includes all of PTF Standard offering plus advanced drill-down Pivot grid reporting, and Elire xsl style sheets for local script reporting. We will also supply select vanilla pre-built PTF scripts to supplement the recording efforts of customized/bolt-on components. 
  • PTF Premium – Elire will oversee the entire PTF recording project utilizing multiple Elire Resources to completely automate the client’s entire test script repository. This will utilize advanced recording methods that take into account negative testing, query-based data input, and various result validation approaches. 

Managed Services Offerings:
(are you an existing PTF user but want to new and improved reports or scripts?)

  • We provide a range of XML[xsl] style sheets/pivot grids/queries and composite queries for advanced reporting on execution cycles.
  • PTF Upkeep: 3 levels of support
    • Fit/Gap analysis – have you covered all your bases? are you testing everything that live users are using in prod (usage monitor)? 
    • Adding new scripts (we record for you) to your existing library. 
    • Managed execution and reporting – Need help running PTF scripts? We can guide you in new data staging, running of scripts and provide you with comprehensive reports of execution cycles.