Oracle Cloud Technical Services

Make Oracle Cloud work for your Business

Elire’s Cloud Technical Team will work with you to achieve a smoother implementation, a Cloud Solution that better meets your business requirements, and a higher level of satisfaction with your Production System. Elire’s Certified Developers and Solution Architects can assist with the following areas:

    • Data Conversion
      • Leverage proprietary pre-defined templates for rapid, accurate conversion
      • Utilize Elire’s PeopleSoft Legacy Data Conversion Extractor
      • Enhance system capabilities by converting historical data
    • Advanced Reporting
      • Develop executive and operational dashboards that provide actionable information at a glance
      • Create complex reports where requirements can not be met with drag-and-drop
      • Leverage data visualization tools to enhance workforce analytics
    • Application Testing
      • Develop a strategic approach for testing of business processes after monthly patches and new releases
      • Reduce time and cost for testing of business processes after monthly patches and new releases by leveraging automated testing tools
    • Application Integration
      • Create interfaces to and from third party systems
      • Leverage delivered Oracle Cloud APIs to streamline and modernize integrations
      • Use orchestrations to integrate external data into business processes
    • Application Enhancement
      • Add workflow, approvals, notifications, and additional business rules to delivered business processes
      • Leverage personalization to add additional pages to the Oracle Cloud application or additional information to delivered pages
      • Leverage PaaS and Visual Builder to create bolt-on enhancements that are seamless and upgrade-safe
      • Develop mobile applications for platform access on-demand
    • Security
      • Integrate Oracle Cloud into your application ecosystem with federated Single Sign-on
      • Design Security architecture and implementation
      • Strengthen compliance with enhanced SOX auditing reporting