Elire Success Delivered™ Methodology

Elire’s proprietary methodologies are designed to challenge the status quo and provide innovative solutions to current pain points.

Elire Implementation Project Lifecycle

Elire leverages our proprietary Elire Success Delivered™ methodology, templates, tools, alliances with strategic software vendors, and a dedication to innovation to respond to our clients’ unique business challenges and opportunities. We specialize in the full suite of Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise modules and provide an array of consulting services encompassing all phases of a project lifecycle.


Elire will use its deep project management experience to quickly and efficiently:

  • Establish project management structure
  • Develop quality assurance program
  • Prepare work plans and schedules
  • Finalize team organization and staffing
  • Conduct project team training on the Elire Success Delivered™ methodology


Elire will use its deep industry experience to:

  • Assess current business processes and system architecture
  • Conduct functionality workshops of future-state functionality/
  • Document and prioritize requirements
  • Identify gaps in business processes, reporting, systems integration, and data conversions
  • Document disconnects in the current state


Elire will use its knowledge of best practices to:

  • Develop future-state business process design and system architecture
  • Design future-state organizational structure and detailed roles required to execute business processes in future environment

Configure / Construct

Proper configuration and development standards are used to:

  • Define specifications to satisfy requirements not supported by the standard PeopleSoft software
  • Establish base table maintenance strategy and procedures
  • Identify configuration values for base tables 



Elire will also use its vast implementation experience to:

  • Develop global testing vision and strategy
  • Identify tools to support testing vision
  • Prepare and execute test scripts of future-state solution
  • Document and follow detailed defect resolution strategy


Finally, Elire will guide you through the final phase by developing:

  • Help desk and support strategy
  • Cut-over strategy
  • Contingency plan