AI & Oracle Digital Assistant – The Basics

Oracle Digital Assistant for ORC

When it comes to advancing your organization’s digital capabilities and modernizing your existing systems, many companies look towards automation of repetitive and/or tedious processes in order to increase efficiencies and alleviate their employees from burdensome and time-consuming “busy work”. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), Oracle Cloud users may be hearing the buzz around how Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) can integrate with Cloud applications and provide enhancements to user experience. Below, we’ll give an overview of AI and the capabilities and functionality of Oracle Digital Assistant.    

Though digital assistants are available for Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, and Oracle Cloud CX, and are also able to be developed third-party applications, we’ll be focusing on their uses in Cloud HCM for this piece.  

The ability to intelligently hire top talent both quickly and efficiently is a main driver in the quest to automate routine hiring tasks. The Oracle Digital Assistant chatbot offers seamless integration with existing Cloud HCM applications and enables improved engagement and efficiency with automated talent acquisition and onboarding.  

For organizations that are using Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC), ODA can execute search requests on the fly. If you message the conditions of your candidate or requisition search, the Digital Assistant gathers those conditions, applies them to a report, gives you the results, and links you to the results in the Recruiting module for you to interact with. You even have the option to enable voice messages to make the process even faster.  

ODA can also be enabled for your career site so that candidates can have a smoother experience searching and applying. This also allows your Recruiting/Talent Acquisition team to capture candidate information quickly and approach top talent before your competition.  

Implementing ODA alongside Oracle Recruiting Cloud feels very natural and intuitive. As Recruiting processes are configured and customizations are made, your Digital Assistant can be integrated simultaneously.  

Oracle Digital Assistant is controlled in its own application. This allows for clean version control, a built-in testing framework, and simple activation for use in your Recruiting Cloud. All this is possible without any prior programming knowledge or deep technical experience. The look and feel of your Digital Assistant is customizable as well, creating a Digital Assistant truly made for your organization.

Oracle Digital Assistant for ORC

In Elire’s client work for a Government Entity, the Project Team used Elire’s Success Delivered Methodology to stand up the Pilot instance of Oracle Recruiting Cloud, as well as leveraging a skilled team to create a simulated future state to support the commands in scope for the spring 2021 recruiting season. They also implemented adaptive intelligence for resource matching and utilized the Digital Assistant to automate the recruiting process.

The Client’s recruiting team found their Digital Assistant especially useful during high-traffic recruiting events where they were able to quickly message ODA to find the candidates and requisitions they needed to look up without having to build and run a complicated report from scratch.

Integrating ODA into your recruiting process is a great step that can lead the way to time and cost-savings for your organization. For more information on how AI technology and ODA can be of benefit to your organization, register for our upcoming ORC webinar where we’ll touch on these and other topics related to Oracle Recruiting Cloud. For additional learning, register for the upcoming Elire Strategy Summit where we’ll be hosting a session on “Automating Processes with RPA & Chatbots”. Register for the Strategy Summit here.