Oracle PBCS Overview

As part of Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System, Oracle offers Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS). PBCS is a planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution. It can be utilized by many small, medium, and large companies to address enterprise-wide business planning use cases. PBCS offers a rich web and Microsoft Office work environment that works to address a multitude of financial, sales, and operational planning use cases in a variety of industries. 


For most organizations, planning and budgeting tend to be a collaborative process centered around using spreadsheets exchanged between and within operations. PBCS facilitates both enterprise-level and departmental-level planning processes by providing both Excel-based and web-based capabilities within a single collaborative and scalable solution. 


Key features of PBCS include intuitive role-based web and MS Office interfaces, flexible driver-based “what if” modeling capabilities, built-in commentary and annotation capabilities, automated integration from oracle and other ERP systems, robust reporting and ad-hoc analysis with formatting and charting support, as well as many other essential capabilities. Leverage existing user competencies with Microsoft Office integration, integrating planning and management reporting seamlessly, and ensuring a speedy adoption with Cloud-Specific features are some key benefits of choosing the PBCS route. 

For more information and to set up a discovery call, please reach out to [email protected] and check out the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services datasheet available here.