Oracle Cloud Responsive User Interface

Get ready Cloud users! It will soon be mandatory to upgrade all Oracle Fusion Cloud Services (Cloud HCM, Cloud ERP, Cloud CRM, etc.) to the new Oracle Cloud Responsive User Interface (UI). There is no single date yet for when this move to the responsive UI will become mandatory, however, Oracle is not currently enhancing the current non-responsive pages and the mandatory update is expected with the 20B quarterly update. 

Some Cloud users have expressed concerns regarding the learning curve that comes with adapting to the new responsive UI. Taking a look at the test environment now is a beneficial first step toward making the transition. The UI has a very different look and feel to it. Functionally, it works the same, but there are definitely nuances in appearance (notifications, watch list, etc.) that might require training material and standard operating procedure updates. Users still have plenty of time, but taking an early look now is beneficial so you can size the necessary changes for your organization.

Check out the informational video from Oracle HCM Vlogs, “Responsive UI” for a walkthrough of the new UI. 

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