Ask the Expert – Oracle Cloud HCM Tips & Tricks

There’s no hiding it, Cloud technology is on the rise, and moving Human Resources to the Cloud is no exception. We asked our Cloud HCM Practice Lead and Principal Consultant, Rich Cho, what makes Oracle Cloud so special – and then, how do you ensure implementation success?

Tips for Successfully Implementing Cloud HCM:

  • ENGAGE Local Stakeholders early on:
    • Have Executive Sponsors and Steering Committee members champion the project, provide strategic direction, and ensure leadership alignment and support
    • Establish a clearly defined Governance Model to address issue escalations and change requests
    • Staff dedicated, consistent resources from within the organization; backfill current positions if necessary
  • KNOW and UNDERSTAND your data:
    • Know your current-state processes, statutory and security requirements
    • Set objective design goals: “deliver process consistency“, “utilize delivered functionality”
    • Harmonize what you can: jobs, compensation programs, definition of services dates
  • LEVERAGE the breadth of Oracle Cloud platform
    • Properly prioritize the functionality that needs to be available on day one
    • Have a clearly defined plan to incorporate Oracle Cloud updates
    • Leverage integration frameworks to create consistency and reduce maintenance
  • EMPOWER employees and managers with data
    • Provide targeted training and job aids to the user population
    • Leverage Change Management resources
    • Make value-added reports available to end-users