Interview with the Expert – Advice from Elire’s PTF Expert, Valentin Todorow


PTF or PeopleSoft Test Framework, has been an industry hot topic for the last year. Many users know what PTF is, but are still asking,”Why PTF?”

We asked our Subject Matter Expert, Valentin Todorow, and below are his top ten reasons to utilize PTF.

1. Saves time on all cycles of testing

2. Free to all PeopleSoft users
3. Integrated directly with PeopleTools
4. Easy to maintain scripts and PUM changes
5. Utilized by Oracle Peoplesoft Development
6. Scalable environment targeting
7. Multi Browser testing support
8. Scalable and customizable if needed
9. Excel and query based data staging
10. Data sits on PeopleSoft Tables
Elire has a library of information to education users on the benefits, and proven best practices for utilizing PTF. For more information, watch our webinar, “Testing Made Easy – How to Leverage PTF with your Continuous Delivery Model,” or see the presentation live at COLLABORATE 17.
Still not convinced? Check out a side-by-side comparison of the time and energy automated testing with PTF can save you.

To schedule a call with Valentin, or receive a demo of PeopleSoft Test Framework, email [email protected].