Elire Gives Back: Stelvio for Life



Team Elire aims to do more than just deliver success for our clients, we’re also passionate about supporting their efforts to better their communities. Elire is proud to donate to Stelvio for Life, Prologis Europe’s charitable cause, an international charity founded in 2012 with the goal to collect funds for the Barcode for Life foundation. Funds raised enable fundamental research for personalized, patient orientated cancer treatment based on DNA analysis of a patient’s specific cancer. Stelvio for life takes place every year on the last Saturday of August, or the first Saturday of September. The event is a run, cycle, or walk up the Stelvio pass which starts at Bormio, and covers a half marathon distance over a 1,533 meter ascention, ending at 2,758 m above sea level.

Congratulations to the Prologis Team Members who completed the Stelvio for Life Challenge on August 27 2016! Over the past four years, participants have raised over 800,000 euro. For more information on Stelvio for life, visit http://www.stelvioforlife.nl/en/