Testing Made Easy: Elire and Quest PTF Webinar Recap

White conceptual keyboard - Test (green key)

Recently, Elire and Quest International Users Group hosted a webinar by PTF Subject Matter Expert, Valentin Todorow.

The goal of the webinar was to provide an overview of the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF), its maturity over the last few years, and its value within PeopleSoft. We also discussed why PTF is unlike any other testing tool and how it is the most powerful solution to testing your PeopleSoft application. And lastly, our SME demonstrated features of the PTF tool and introduced some of the most advanced reports and recording methodologies developed around PTF.

Elire has a variety of service offerings for those considering utilizing PTF. Our service offerings include:

  • PTF TRAINING – Utilizes a single Elire resource for a two week engagement aimed at transferring knowledge and skills to client resources. Training will take part in a two-week session with the first week focusing on classroom training and the second week focusing on allowing assistance as client resources record their own scripts.
  • PTF STANDARD – Recording within the client’s environment. Typically, 50 test scripts are recorded with single-ended execution. Elire will modify vanilla scripts to match client needs and data entry methods. Duration of project is based on the recording type selected.
  • PTF PREMIUM – Elire will oversee entire PTF recording project utilizing 3-7 Elire resources to completely automate the client’s entire test script repository. This will utilize advanced multi-iteration recording methods that take into account negative testing, query-based data input and advanced test linking.
  • VANILLA SCRIPTS FOR PURCHASE – Elire has developed highly complex PTF scripts for purchase that span the majority of components utilized within the PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM environments. We also include custom reporting pagelets and queries to help with mass reporting outside of what is available within the client log manager.

For those who attended the webinar, all questions that we were unable to answer due to time have been compiled into an FAQ document below.

Elire Leveraging PTF Webinar – Your Questions Answered!

To ask questions, set up an introductory call, or request a recording of the presentation, please contact the Elire Team Member listed below:

Jordyn Fugere – Marketing & Recruiting Coordinator